Simon Busuttil this morning called on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to reverse several “vindictive transfers”, including that of Marsascala councillor and PN electoral candidate Charlot Cassar.

The environment campaigner has already resorted to legal avenues after receiving two transfers in the space of a few days.

Speaking during a phone interview on Radio 101, the Opposition Leader expressed solidarity with Mr Cassar, saying he was being victimised with one transfer after another in a bid to undress him of his dignity.

“I publicly appeal to the Prime Minister: if you truly believe in national unity, put your money where your mouth is and reverse all vindictive transfers,” he said.

Dr Busuttil also referred to the court’s decision this week to investigate whether Minister Konrad Mizzi and the PM's chief of staff Keith Schembri, among others, broke money laundering laws when opening secret companies in Panama.

“The road to justice will be long and hard, but it is a road we need to walk together for the good of our country.

“It is in our interest that our country is led by honest people,” he said, questioning why it had to be the Opposition to ask for an investigation, and the Court to order one.

“Why didn’t the Prime Minister, Police or the AG take action over the past year?”

While Dr Muscat, Mr Mizzi and Mr Schembri had the legal right to appeal the Court’s decision, they had the political responsibility to ensure justice.

While Malta was supposedly among the best in Europe, it ended up in a ridiculous situation, Dr Busuttil said, referring to the Pakistan Court’s decision about the country’s Prime Minister.

Pakistan's top court has disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from office following the Panama Papers probe.

“A criminal act before the election remains a criminal act after the election, and it should still be investigated. One of the most corrupt places – Pakistan, gave us a lesson on how things should be done. “

“Some might say that we are flogging a dead horse and to let sleeping dogs lie, but if there is no justice, what kind of country are we,” Dr Busuttil asked.

He said he had already promised that in spite of resigning the PN leadership, he would continue to fight for justice, and hoped that the new Opposition leader would continue to do so as well.


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