The Ornis Committee will be pushing for trappers to be allowed to trap song thrush and golden plover, the hunters’ federation revealed on Friday.

In a statement, the FKNK said that the Ornis committee had approved its proposal to recommend that the government apply a derogation from the EU Birds Directive for the autumn season.

The decision to push for a derogation comes just one month after the European Court of Justice ruled that Malta was violating EU rules by allowing finch trapping.

The Ornis committee, which acts as an advisory committee to the government, will now be recommending that authorities amend regulations to forbid nets with holes smaller than 45mm, only allow trappers to operate one site rather than two and force trappers to keep any unused trapping sites covered.

The FKNK said it wanted more police oversight and added that anyone with a general trapping licence should be allowed to trap song thrush and golden plover.

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