Getting ‘tyred’

Someone has been using a pavement in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq as a dumping ground for used car tyres. The practice is ongoing and, despite reports to the authorities, whoever it is seems to realise he can continue doing it with impunity.

Partly done

Why is it that while roads are undergoing upgrades, central strips are always forgotten? A damaged bollard in Marsa was not repaired even if works are ongoing close by. Should it not be standard practice that all elements of the road network are up to standard?





No access

While it is understandable that feast decorations have to be done at some point, one expects that any equipment used is removed when not needed. In Valletta, recently, a trailer used in connection with the feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck remained outdoors for days. Pedestrians were forced to step off the pavement to walk past. Countless phone calls to the Valletta police were all in vain.




Mind the gap

Parents accompanying children enjoying themselves at the playground on Tower Road, Sliema, should better keep a close eye on them, especially if using the slide. Apart from the fact that the entire place is in shambles, the slide itself, with a missing step and rusty handlebars, is an accident waiting to happen.

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