Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said this evening the Nationalist Party would be fighting the local elections campaign with determination to get the best result for the party even through the government enjoyed a majority in a greater number of the council.

“We are sending our message that the Opposition can work for you even from the Opposition.”

This, he said, was what happened in Mosta when the council majority turned Nationalist and the opposite of what happened in St Paul’s Bay where the majority turned Labour.

“I bow to the people’s judgement with their vote. I communicate my message and allow the people to judge.”

Speaking on TVM’s programme Dissett, Dr Busuttil spoke on the Cafe Premier saga saying the Prime Minister had involved himself directly in the matter spending €4.2 million on a buy-back deal instead of spending this money on education and health. He was condemned for this by the auditor general and should shoulder political responsibility.

Another auditor report showed that people had been paying high fuel rates because a minister got himself involved for Malta to buy fuel directly from Azerbaijani company Socar.

The people, Dr Busuttil said, were losing faith in politics because of the government’s actions. For people to have confidence in politics politicians had to set their standards high.

Asked about the case of Former Gozo Minister Giovanna Debono, who was being investigated by the police, Dr Busuttil said he would take a decision about Ms Debono once the police conclude their investigations.

Ms Debono has strongly denied claims made over the weekend by sections of the media and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat that her husband used public funds to carry out free construction works for her constituents.

The works were allegedly carried out in the months leading to the last general election and some were even done on the day the polls opened in March 2013.

Asked about the Swiss Leaks case, Dr Busuttil said no politician should benefit from any amnesty given and the Prime Minister should explain how former Nationalist Minister Ninu Zammit had benefitted from an amnesty given by the Labour government last year.

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