A Valletta man has been given a six-month jail term suspended for a year for the possession and distribution of child pornography in the form of electronic images, but not for financial gain.

Stefan Grech, 32, pleaded guilty to the possession and distribution of child pornography on and before August 26.

He was however acquitted of taking pictures or filming videos related to child pornography and hoarding pornographic material "for gain, or for distribution, or for display in a public place or in a place accessible to the public".

Magistrate Antonio Mizzi heard psychiatrist David Cassar testify that Grech had been under psychiatric care long before the court case began.

The magistrate said Dr Cassar's testimony clearly showed that Grech needed treatment and that he was making progress.

Magistrate Mizzi ruled that had it not been for this fact he would not have hesitated to apply the maximum jail term. But in this context he recommended that Grech should not lose his job since the treatment and his job were necessary for his future development.

Police Inspectors Paul Caruana and Ian Abdilla prosecuted.

Dr Giannella Caruana Curran appeared for Grech.

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