A man who is facing charges of attempted murder was jailed for two months today for verbally abusing and threatening his own legal aid lawyer.

A court heard how the incident developed between the accused Ahmed Omar Amhimmid Aljwenni and his lawyer Yanika Bugeja.

Dr Bugeja explained that she had appeared for the accused at his arraignment, and subsequent hearings. At one point her client wanted to plead guilty. Given the gravity of the charges, she advised him against such a plea, offering to update him on the case after having consulted the Attorney General's office.

However, Mr Aljwenni became aggressive, uttering foul words, raising his voice and making threatening gestures even while he was being escorted down to the lock-up. 

The lawyer filed an application asking to be relieved of her brief, saying she did not deserve to be subjected to such behaviour by her client.  

In handing down sentence, Magistrate Joe Mifsud said the court would not tolerate any insulting behaviour towards court officials during the exercise of their duties.

The magistrate said he was applying the maximum penalty provided by law in such circumstances so as to send out a clear signal that the court will protect all court officers.

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