Liquigas Malta has filed a judicial protest claiming that Easygas employees and two gas distributors had been caught on film abusively filling Liquigas cylinders at an Easygas yard in Luqa. 

Liquigas said it had clear video evidence of its green and yellow cylinders being illegally filled at the Easygas yard when this yard was not covered by a licence for such filling activity. The persons filling the cylinders were Easygas employees and two distributors.

During the illegal activity, makeshift equipment was used while safety rules and necessary precautions were not respected.

Liquigas said it had filed a report with the police and also reported the findings to the Malta Resources Authority and the Consumers' Authority. The two distributors were also replaced to ensure that supplies to consumers were not affected.

"The judicial protest was filed since Liquigas has no other option but to protect its interests and those of the consumer, and do its part to ensure the proper functioning and safety of this important energy sector," Liquigas said.

It said fake seals had been used, thus defrauding the consumers by making them believe they are buying a cylinder properly filled by Liquigas and regulated by the authorities, when in fact the cylinder was abusively filled without the necessary controls to ensure safety and quality control.

"The authorities have already sealed off the makeshift cylinder-filling equipment at Easygas on two separate occasions but it appears that these actions failed to stop this illegal and dangerous activity," Liquigas said. 

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