The Labour Party's failure to register as a political party could be a ploy for it to avoid limits on party donations imposed on it by law, Alternattiva Demokratika chairman Arnold Cassola said. 

In a statement issued by AD, Prof. Cassola asked whether the party could in this way "continue cashing in on uncontrolled millions until the eve of the elections."

The Sunday Times of Malta yesterday revealed that the PL had failed to submit the list of financial donations it received last year, as required by the party financing law, because it has yet to register with the Electoral Commission.

The party financing law has been in force for more than a year. Ahead of its introduction, Justice Minister Owen Bonnici had said that it would "revolutionise politics."

Prof. Cassola said that yesterday's "shocking" revelations concerning the db Group "confirms that the PN and the PL are in the pockets of big developers" and gave rise to suspicions that "money has been and is being given to Muscat's PL in order for Debono's companies to get priority and privileged access to the ITS site in St. George's Bay," he said. 

The db Group, which is owned by developer Silvio Debono, yesterday said that it had been paying for high-ranking PN officials' salaries and wanted its money back.

The group made the information public after PN leader Simon Busuttil had criticised the project and party deputy leader Mario de Marco had given up his role as legal adviser to the group. 

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