How can our university prohibit students from using their native language in their assessment tools? I am not saying that Maltese should be the medium used when there are external examiners involved or people who are not fluent in Maltese. That is quite understandable and unquestionable. But what is the problem if the examiner is Maltese and can read the language?

While the European Union has accepted Maltese as one of its official languages, the University of Malta is kicking Maltese out politely and "legally". Where are those responsible for protecting our native language?

This "legal" action is very undemocratic and unconstitutional. Our constitution clearly states that our official languages are both English and Maltese. We are not questioning the importance of the English language here. We are asking our leaders to protect our language and explain what is happening.

We cannot let these issues pass by unchallenged and we hope that the University and its senate come out with a definite reply for this question: 'What is wrong with allowing a student to use Maltese in an exam where no external examiners are involved?' After all, it is not only one of our official languages but also the country's one and only national language. Is this how our pride and identity are measured?

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