GE today announced it has concluded a commercial alliance agreement with Norway-based Sargas AS to provide a gas turbine for one of the world's first gas-fired plants with integrated carbon capture for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

The Sargas plant will combine a configuration of the existing LMS100 aeroderivative gas turbine package from GE with Sargas' patented combustion and carbon-capture technology enabling low emissions power generation.

Sargas earlier this year made a proposal to use its technology for a power station in Malta.

The two companies in a joint statement said the technology provided by Sargas captures carbon dioxide (CO2) at pressure, which requires lower capital investment costs and can be built quickly with existing or slightly modified subsystems and equipment. The Sargas power plant delivers significantly lower costs of electricity and captured CO2 per ton and therefore enables the Sargas-led engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) consortium to offer industrial-scale volumes of economically competitive CO2 for EOR applications worldwide.

GE's LMS100 turbine is a combination of proven frame and aeroderivative gas turbine technology and represents one of the most extensive collaborations of design and manufacturing expertise in the history of GE, delivering unparalleled efficiency, the companies said.  In combination, the new configuration of the LMS100 in the Sargas plant can capture CO2 for EOR with high efficiency and low parasitic load.

Announcing the alliance, Sargas' Chief Executive Henrik Fleischer said: "Traditional EOR supplies of naturally occurring carbon dioxide stored underground is running out, and with oil prices expected to remain above $80/bbl it is important for oil companies to maximize oil production with enhanced oil recovery. Traditionally, carbon capture for gas-fired turbine plants relied on government subsidies and advanced technology research. Our solution, in combination with GE technology, will revolutionize the worldwide energy industry providing carbon capture in both a flexible and affordable way for greater energy independence through EOR. It also offers low-emissions electricity, in a proven and practical manner. Sargas is fortunate in being able to partner with best-in-class industrial giants including DSME of Korea."

Speaking about the alliance, Darryl Wilson, president and CEO—Aeroderivative gas turbines for GE Power & Water stated, "As one of the world's most efficient gas turbines, GE's LMS100 is an optimal solution for a pressurized carbon capture plant for EOR applications. The three-shaft system architecture of the LMS100 enables adaptability for use in a carbon capture EOR application. The LMS100 provides a highly efficient production of pressurized flue gas that empowers Sargas technology. EOR with compressed CO2 has been used for more than 30 years, but with an increased demand expected and with natural underground sources of CO2 being exhausted, there is an increased need for new sources. This new alliance between GE and Sargas can help promote energy independence through development of oil fields in the United States."


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