Malta is doing as much as other countries to fight money-laundering and its structures had been under the scrutiny of European institutions since 1998, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said in Parliament this evening, during a discussion on the rule of law.

He also referred to the country’s tax system, defending it against criticism.
“We’re constantly faced with fierce attacks, particularly in the German press, over our tax system. But the European Commission has never taken action against Malta – even though it has taken action against Luxembourg and Ireland. The only criticism is coming from the (foreign) press and certain MPs,” he said.

Prof. Scicluna also referred to calls by the Opposition to remove the Attorney General, saying that reform should not be based on finding a scapegoat.

“Attorney General Peter Grech is a man of respect and independence. He was appointed by the other side, so he already enjoys not only a two-thirds majority but a 100% majority,” he said, adding that the whole point of the current way of appointment was to ensure full tenure.

“Calls for his resignation go against the spirit of the rule of law.”

Prof. Scicluna referred to articles by Edward Warrington another by Kevin Aquilina, saying that these were balanced.

“Both said that these institutions weren’t built by one party or another. Let’s see what change is needed, but let us not run around the world screaming that it’s all the fault of the current incumbents.”

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