Over the past couple of years, there has been an evident boost in popularity of ride-sharing services and applications. The underlying idea is that of renting a car from a peer at the click of a button instead of increasing the numbers of cars on the road with rental cars or under-utilised car purchases.

CarUnity, the innovative car-sharing concept powered by Opel, has made a promising start in this field. Currently, roughly one month after its launch, around 1,500 cars are available on the new platform and the free app already has over 5,000 registered users.

“We have taken a strategically important step towards becoming a mobility provider with the successful launch of CarUnity. We will build on this and fire up the next step now,” said Opel Group CMO Tina Muller.

The company initially focused its marketing efforts on the Rhine-Main area, Opel’s home ground. Now it will up the ante all over Germany, targeting the Berlin metropolitan area next. Berlin is a hotspot for car-sharing.

Launched under the motto ‘Better off sharing’, CarUnity provides a quick, easy and flexible opportunity for car owners to offer their car for rental. Opel is treading a new path with the free CarUnity app and is the first car manufacturer to offer car-sharing for everyone. It does not matter if the car is an Opel or a different brand.

The expansion of the mobility services portfolio is an important pillar for Opel’s future plans. Earlier this month, the marque secured a stake in the ride-sharing platform flinc and as of 2016, this internet and app-based platform will provide the technological resources to provide ride-sharing via the car-sharing app.

While some may be concerned about trust issues when it comes to renting out your car, the service allows users to be able to decide to whom they allow their car to be rented, such as limiting it to Facebook friends only or specific individuals who they invite into their personal circle on CarUnity.

With the deal acknowledgment and transaction taking no longer than a few seconds, the app makes it easy for users to either earn quick cash, or promptly find a ride.

With the introduction of such apps increasing in the market, the idea of a car is skinned back to its prime purpose, as a transportation tool. Having a car to rent for cheap at the touch of a button, and from the hands of a trustworthy peer, may be of interest to people who, for example, only need to drive once in a while for a one-off errand, or who may only need a vehicle for a short period of time, ultimately decreasing car presence on the road.

The slogan ‘Better off sharing’ suggests the ‘win-win-win’ situation for customers, car owners and ultimately, the environment alike.

Although CarUnity services are limited to Germany, the notion of sharing rides is one we may all take into consideration and benefit from.

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