Vodafone has secured exclusive distribution of Samsung’s Galaxy S III in bronze. The handset is a favourite in Malta, commanding a considerable share of the high-end mobile phone sales.

It comes with additional software features and a sleek design, a vastly upgraded proposition after the Galaxy S II. The minimal organic design of the Galaxy S III is reflected in its smooth and gentle curves, while its human-centric nature provides a comfortable experience with enhanced usability.

The S III has an eight-megapixel camera similar to that of the S II and can take photos and record videos in full HD. The battery gives 790 hours of power on stand-by and 11 hours’ talk time.

Smart Stay, an ability to track the user’s eyes and turn off whenever the user is not looking at it, helps minimise power consumption. The Samsung Galaxy S III can be wirelessly charged with a pad that uses magnetic resonance to produce a magnetic field through which electricity is transferred.

The S III boasts a quad-core processor and employs an intelligent personal assistant – S Voice, enabling the user to verbally control different functions such as playing a song, setting the alarm, or activating driving mode.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III in bronze retails for €649 or at a reduced cost of €499 on the Smartphone 35 plan, €399 on Smartphone 55, €299 on Smartphone 75 and for free on Smartphone 95.

Details are available on 247 or 9999 9247, at Vodafone stores or partners or from a customer care representative.

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