With reference to the item ‘Gżira traffic frustration’ (July 20), as a daily user of the mentioned roads I think the main reasons for traffic chaos are the number of traffic lights on The Strand coupled with several closed roads for works on private residences.

For a brief period, the pelican lights on the Strand were blinking amber and the traffic flow was better. Now they are working and, obviously, used constantly. There are four sets between Tignè Point and Manoel Island plus several zebra crossings.

With regard to construction, it is evident that council permits (with a warden) are issued without proper planning because one frequently finds closed roads at short notice and, at the same time, run-offs from these roads are closed for similar construction purposes, leaving motorists little options considering the one-way traffic plans in Gżira.

To exacerbate things, at the worst time (in the morning) several roads are closed to traffic because of schools and, in Gżira, there are three schools practically within the same block, not to mention the frequent large buses and delivery trucks that have nowhere to park or wait.

I am no traffic expert but if there are fewer traffic lights or these are replaced by zebra crossings, better planning with regard to the closure of narrow one-way streets for private construction (having roads in close proximity closed at different times and simply not allowing them to be closed at peak times), instead of closing roads near schools have a warden directing traffic, making sure people drive safely and slowly, and avoiding deliveries between 7am and 9.30am, traffic would flow better.

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