The admission by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority’s director of enforcement that “the problem of illegal boathouses was ‘bigger than Mepa’” and that “there was very little Mepa could do” (July 30) confirms that this Nationalist government continued to suck up to the arrogant and rude so-called “boathouse” lobby, continuing Labour’s tradition.

We had Lawrence Gonzi and Alfred Sant humiliating a whole country by signing agreements with these people and posing for photos with their committee, giving credibility to land grabbers. Joseph Muscat will not rock the boat and will continue Labour’s and the Nationalists’ “sucking up” policy.

The only way to send a strong message that these things are not acceptable in a modern, democratic society is to use your vote wisely and vote green.

A green vote and every vote less for the parties that do not have the guts to stand up to arrogant lobbies is the strongest message possible.

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