Until now, if you wanted to access Spotify on your tablet, you had to download the iPhone version and make do with that. But finally, Spotify has released an iPad-specific app which makes great use of a menu specifically designed for the tablet’s screen as well as of the iPad’s retina display.

The features, however, are pretty much the same as the iPhone app. You can see your friends and playlists, search, and cache the downloaded tunes for offline listening. You can also navigate the menu while still maintaining control of the playback since the player remains at the bottom of the screen. This app, however, gives no great shakes to your tunes.

And that’s a pity since, as Spotify itself has shown by launching app support last year, there are some great things you can do with your music.

The TweetVine app, for instance, searches Twitter for the #nowplaying hashtag, while Fuse adapts your playlist to specific periods and days in the year.

The best thing about the Spotify app is, however, the access to millions of songs at the proverbial tap, or in this case, swipe, of a button.

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