For more than a year, 30 families, some of them with small children, who reside in Mgr Innoċenz Street, Msida, have been living in hell. Trucks, cranes, excavators, lifters and all sort of machinery used in the construction industry have made the residents life hell.

The road is filthy and the area has become rat infested.

In summer, these families  had to endure  continuous dust and deafening noise, which  made it impossible for them to leave their windows open.

The project is now almost ready. Enemalta boosted the  power in the area to ensure the residents will have enough electrify.  A few days after wide culverts were dug up but the company covered them again and laid tarmac on the surface. Well done.

I would like to point out that in one corner leading there is a short stretch that is rough and bumpy. Cars areusually parked there since available slots are occupied by construction workers’ vehicles.

I would have thought that the Msida local council or the Planning Authority would have made the developer surface this piece of the  road  to compensate residents for what they have been going through  for more than a year.

The developer must have spent  hundreds of thousands  of euros to  build the large block of flats,  of course, hoping to make big profits.  Good luck to him. Surely, the residents deserve some compensation?

The local council was asked several times  to lay tarmac in this small area and the mayor always said they could not afford it. I  am sure he would not break the bank. Nevertheless, I still think that the council or those who authorised this developer to build the flats should have been asked to give something in  return.

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