“Is this another opportunity to reflect on the detention policy?”

Archbishop Paul Cremona and Gozo Bishop Mario Grech urging authorities to rethink the 18-month detention policy of irregular immigrants after the recent death of a Malian in custody.

“There are people who are taking a ‘trip’ and never returning.”

Caritas director Mgr Victor Grech on youngsters seeking an escape from reality through drugs; starting off at weekends and then spiralling out of control.

“We don’t impose, we propose.”

European Council president Herman Van Rompuy, during his visit to Malta, when asked to what extent the EU wanted to impose domestic taxation on individual countries.

“This wall is another important piece of the jigsaw puzzle.”

Historian Stephen Spiteri on the discovery of the original 500-year-old St Elmo fortifications.

“Working like slaves.”

Public Transport Union president Samuel Grech explaining why Arriva bus drivers had set up a new union to safeguard their rights.

“Murder doesn’t happen because you’re mad.”

Attorney General Office lawyer Nadine Sant rebutting claims that self-professed serial killer Silvio Mangion was insane.

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