I would like to express my disgust at the title given to a recent play ‘Fl-Isem tal-Missier u ta’ l-Iben u ta’ l-Ispettur Bonnici’ (‘In the name of the Father and of the Son and of Inspector Bonnici’).

I found it offensive and it seemed to be aimed at ridiculing the Blessed Trinity, which is the pillar of our Catholic faith.

How different is the gentle attitude of the mystic St  Elizabeth of the Trinity, who used to call the Blessed Trinity “my Three” and she also says that she literally felt that the Blessed Trinity dwelt in her.

But in the long run we are the losers since God is God. Allow me to quote some verses from Scripture that in my opinion are fit for this occasion:

“The Lord’s enemies will be destroyed; he will thunder against them from heaven.”

“Those who are angry with You will know the shame of defeat.”

Maybe we need to hear the words of the wise Gamaliel: “You could find yourselves fighting against God.”

If I were to insult a minister or anyone else I would be taken to court. And yet we dare to abuse God’s name! Thankfully, we have a loving Father in heaven who is always ready to cast away our shortcomings.

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