During my daily commute to work, I pass through Triq B. Bontadini, which many will recognise as the road in front of the Infetti football grounds, in Birkirkara. This road has been in a state of dilapidation for as long as I can remember.

Cars often dangerously drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid the craters, but they do this in vain, because these craters are everywhere.

Towards the beginning of May, I reached out to the Birkirkara local council (by sending them an e-mail through their website), politely explaining that driving through this road is like driving on the moon, and urging them to do something about it.

When a couple of weeks went by and I saw that my e-mail had been ignored, I sent them a second e-mail directly, asking that they acknowledge my first e-mail, or better, do something about the road.

Now, after another month and still no reply, I begin to understand why this road is left in a state of neglect and disrepair.

I was obviously asking too much, by expecting a local council to take care of the infrastructure under its responsibility, when this local council is not even capable of acknowledging a request from the public.

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