The Malta Feline Guardians Club’s 72nd and 73rd international cat shows will be held at Smart City Malta, Kalkara, today and tomorrow.

A wide range of cat breeds will take part in these feline beauty contest, including Bengals, British shorthairs, Burmese, De­von rex, exotics, Himalayans, Maine coons, Persians, ragdolls, Scottish folds, Siberians, Siamese, sphynx and household cats.

International World Cat Federation (WCF) judges Inga Balchiuniene from Lithuania and Stefania Sironi from Italy will be judging the contestants.

WCF rings, including adult, neuter and kitten rings, will be awarded to the top cats. There will be speciality rings for kittens and cats with the best features or abilities and fun rings for the best carnival and Valentine’s Day costumes worn by the cats and their owners.

There will also be a rabbit exhibition at the same venue. Children will be able to meet members of the Malta Rabbit Club and talk to them about the care and upbringing of rabbits.

The cat and rabbit shows will be held at The Laguna, Smart City Malta, Kalkara, today  from 2 to 8pm and tomorrow  from 10am to 6pm. Admission is free of charge. For more information, visit or the Malta Cat Shows Facebook page.

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