According to Maltese consumers, brands like Farsons, Lidl, Samsung and Nescafé offer the best value for money on the local market.

These findings are the result of a research survey carried out by the International Certification Association GmbH (ICERTIAS) in Malta. ICERTIAS, based in Zurich, Switzerland, conducted the survey as part of the Best Buy Award project.

The research study used a sample of 1,200 Maltese citizens aged over 15 who are internet users. The survey was conducted by means of a web questionnaire that followed the Computer Assisted Web Interviewing – Deep Mind Awareness method and encompassed 55 economic categories in sectors such as retail, food, footwear, clothing, cosmetics, home appliances, telecommunications and finance.

The questions were open-ended and examinees could freely state the names of products and service providers that offered the best price/quality ratio on the market.

In the beer category, Farsons won first place. In the retail chain category, Lidl clinched the number one position. Some of the first-place winners in other categories included Samsung, Nivea, Toyota, Colgate, Nescafé, Devon and Benna.

The Best Buy Award research study is conducted according to the provisions of the International Codex for the Implementation of Market and Social Research, which were adopted by the International Chamber of Commerce and the European Association of Research Experts.

The goal of the project and certificate is to simplify the search for best goods and services at the most favourable price. It is intended to benefit buyers on the local and international markets.

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