Delicata has released the 2017 vintage of the mono-varietal Cabernet Sauvignon and the blend of Shiraz and Cabernet in the winery’s flagship Grand Vin de Hauteville range.

Both cask-matured reds are crafted from hand-picked grapes from bespoke vineyard parcels in Malta with predominantly calcareous and tal-Ħamri (or terra rossa) soils.

These boutique bottlings have become sought after thanks to their quality and unique character.

While Delicata’s Cabernet Sauvignon isn’t a slavish copy of claret, French wine aficionados especially sing it praises. That’s because this premium red of Malta is suggestive of their restrained Bordeaux style, which is rather special for wine made from grapes grown this far south. It retains life and freshness.

The lovely dark-purpled Shiraz Cabernet blend is finding a following, too. The taste of the Shiraz (or Syrah) variety dominates on the palate. The fleshy wine is glossy and tantalising in nature, already showing typical trademark flavours of raspberry and dark fruits along with hints of crushed black pepper and depth.

Grand Vin de Hauteville is a multiple award-winning DOK Malta wine brand. The 2017 vintage is also suitable to drink if you wish to stay vegan or vegetarian.

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