Michael Falzon, in his replyto my letter ‘Voting withone’s head’ (August 25), wrote that I missed the point of the “logic vs emotion” argument he made recently.

Had it been so I would have accepted his criticism with gratitude but it was not the case. It is he who missed the point within the context.

First of all I was referring to his personal comment on how he voted and why. I never said that a number of those who voted Labour voted stupidly but – comfortably enough thanks to EU accession and a stable economy – did not bother to weigh the pros and cons of their decision and its subsequent risks.

It would be interesting to know Falzon’s opinion on the conduct of the Labour administration after 17 months.

Many are familiar with PL promises versus the situation today: predominantly we come across lack of transparency galore; a rise in employmentin the public service; a fourper cent drop in industrial production in a year, detrimental to competitiveness and with a probable negative effect on the whole economy.

Secondly, I never said that the PN was devoid of mistakes. Practically zero customer care, lack of effective communication and mishandling of certain issues were among the principal factors contributing to the 2013 election result.

However, while believing in alternation of power but not at all costs, acknowledging mistakes does not mean putting aside the tangible reality experienced by all.

Furthermore, it is good to keep in mind that all thosewho voted PN – emotionally according to Falzon – saved Malta from becoming a dominant-party state. Therefore, Falzon’s ‘comeback’ within the PN, where he is happily offering his services for a better Malta, is very welcome. Perhaps equally it suggests that there is some logic in my reasoning!

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