• Glamour, glitz and Swiss bliss

    Glamour, glitz and Swiss bliss

    Never could I have imagined the exquisite sensations to be derived via a former can-can dancer from the north of England and a single pot of caviar. Then, I discovered Swiss bliss in France on the banks of Lake Geneva. Yorkshire-born Amanda...

  • The world within a garden

    The world within a garden

    Enchanting Kent – the verdant county found in South East Britain, is known far and wide as ‘the garden of England’ and, as I discovered a couple of years ago, this label is actually not an empty title. Quite the opposite. It is a very apt...

  • A life at sea

    A life at sea

    Joseph Micallef met up with Patrick Vella Gauci on board the Croisières de France (Pullmantur) cruise liner Horizon, where he has served as cruise director for the past four years. It was a pleasant surprise for us when my wife and I boarded the...

  • Sunrise over Cappadocia

    Sunrise over Cappadocia

    Ramona Depares braves a 4am wake up call to experience the magic that is the desert region in central Turkey when bathed in the first rays of the sun. It’s four in the morning and the temperature is hovering somewhere around the -2ºCelsius. We...

  • A Darwinian adventure

    A Darwinian adventure

    There’s a silence on North Seymour Island, one that’s filled with sounds, as most silences tend to be. A magnificent frigate fluffs its wings, sea lions grunt sporadically, and now a blue-footed booby starts hopping around. A dozen shades and a...

  • ‘Don’t spend too much time in your hotel’

    ‘Don’t spend too much time in your hotel’

    Tell us something about yourself. I’m a musician, I love hitting things and I’m obsessed by sound and silence. I like to fuse electronic aspects of music-making with the acoustic properties of instruments and this has become a big part of my...

  • UAE island getaways now in Malta

    UAE island getaways now in Malta

    YAS Island, a leisure destination in the UAE, will be launching its five-star YAS Viceroy Hotel & Resort in Malta. ROCS Group is the company’s local agent. Group director Rachel Vella said: “YAS Island is the ultimate holiday destination. It is a...

  • ‘Not everything can be found in books or online’

    ‘Not everything can be found in books or online’

    Tell us something about yourself I have been working in different areas of the travel industry for the past 21 years. I love music, reading, music, movies (mostly non-fiction), music, travelling, music, selected sports and last but not least, music.

  • A passage to India

    A passage to India

    When Maria Vella-Galea is not busy running her public relations and marketing outfit, she is busy collecting travel stamps on her passport. Her latest travel adventure saw her visit the all-time classic Golden Triangle in India. My insatiable...

  • Gorilla trekking in Uganda

    Gorilla trekking in Uganda

    A line of furry black emerges on the next ridge, appearing from the mist then vanishing beneath the forest’s enigmatic veil. I sidestep the dung, climbing through a dense canopy that smells like spring morning. Everything’s fresh and tangled;...

  • ‘Everyone has a story if you take the time to seek it out’

    ‘Everyone has a story if you take the time to seek it out’

    Tell us something about yourself By day I’m the PA to the managing director of a large insurance company; but after hours I wear various hats – actress, dancer, writer, translator, lover of all things vintage, and a regular at gigs and theatrical...

  • Oslo’s Christmas tree school

    Oslo’s Christmas tree school

    As the Christmas season has just been officially inaugurated in London with the placing of the tree in Trafalgar Square, Kevin Vella finds out all about the Juletre’s journey from Norway to the UK. “Christmas trees are big drinkers,” said Ashbjorn...

  • On the trail of Caravaggio

    On the trail of Caravaggio

    Had of your fill of our home-based Caravaggio masterpieces? The trail continues in Rome, where some of the artist’s greatest works are to be found. This itinerary takes you through the streets of the old city centre of Rome on a journey of...

  • ‘Use money to buy experiences, not things’

    ‘Use money to buy experiences, not things’

    Tell us something about yourself. I am a musician by profession. It’s hard for me to talk of hobbies, as music really takes up my whole life. However, I would say that anything beautiful and honest intrigues me. I’m fascinated by the way we...

  • Paradise in the Dolomites

    Paradise in the Dolomites

    I remember my reluctance to go on my first skiing holiday. We were a group of some 15 teenage friends all eager to travel. But, being the one with the reputation of being cool and relaxed, I had no urge to jump on the skiing bandwagon and only...

  • Crime MUSEUM now open in London

    Crime MUSEUM now open in London

    Craving your Agatha Christie fix while holidaying in London? For the first time ever, never-before-seen objects from the Metropolitan Police’s Crime Museum are on public display at the Museum of London in a major exhibition. Previously only...

  • ‘Travel exposes your true self’

    ‘Travel exposes your true self’

    Tell us something about yourself. I’m 44 years old, married with two children and extremely passionate about my job, which in many ways started out as hobby when I was nine years old. To put it in one word, I would say my job is music-related .I...

  • Paris, we will always love you

    Paris, we will always love you

    Paris hosts three major all-night festivals every year: Nuit Blanche, Nuit Européenne des Musées and Fête de la Musique. Nuit Blanche – various artistic and cultural exhibitions pop up all over the city, with installations on roundabouts, in...

  • Beautiful Boston

    Beautiful Boston

    Three days were not long enough for Veronica Stivala to explore Boston, but she still managed to get a satisfactory taste of this pretty city, including its renowned cream pie. The first thing that struck me upon visiting Boston was its beautiful...

  • ‘There’s no place like home’

    ‘There’s no place like home’

    Tell us something about yourself (what you do/ hobbies, etc.) I love spending time with my family, travelling, outdoor activities, theatre and tennis How often do you travel? Relatively often. Andrea (my husband) and I try to organise a big one,...