• Mountains of wellnes­s

    Mountains of wellnes­s

    It is not only the sound of music that emanates from the Tyrolean alps. The mountains also offer strength to the body and lift the soul, as Ray Bugeja found out. In the heart of Austria, just 100 kilometres from Germany and Italy, lies an area...

  • ‘Travel as if you are going to die tomorrow’

    ‘Travel as if you are going to die tomorrow’

    Tell us something about yourself. I am a musician and a singer, part of KazinSka, Brikkuni, Duo Kukkanja, Rockestra, Komokuba, Perkuss’hawn Maracatu. I love sounds and  I am a programme coordinator with Fondazzjoni Kreattività. I love consuming...

  • The classic modernists revisited

    The classic modernists revisited

    Visitors to London will soon be able to enjoy Elton John’s private collection of photography, which includes some of the greatest names of the modernist era. The Tate Modern has announced a major exhibition, The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography...

  • ‘Life is elsewhere’

    ‘Life is elsewhere’

    Tell us something about yourself. If I’m not doing anything else, then I’m either reading or writing. It was Miguel de Cervantes who first broke it to me that sleeping too little and reading too much might wipe out and eventually zombify your...

  • Ginger with swords

    Ginger with swords

    The queue to get into the Viking Centre snakes down the street, but we’re not bored because we’re watching a gigantic Viking. He’s guarding the museum with a spear. His ginger hair hangs in a plait down to his waist and it’s real (I know this...

  • An intricate jigsaw puzzle of a region

    An intricate jigsaw puzzle of a region

    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the US, is holding But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise, the third exhibition of the Guggenheim Map Global Art Initiative. Organised by Sara Raza, Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator for Middle East and North...

  • Where's the lane? Self-driving cars confused by shabby U.S. roadways

    Where's the lane? Self-driving cars confused by shabby U.S. roadways

    Volvo's North American CEO, Lex Kerssemakers, lost his cool as the automaker's semi-autonomous prototype sporadically refused to drive itself during a press event at the Los Angeles Auto Show. "It can't find the lane markings!" Kerssemakers...

  • I wish I am here

    I wish I am here

    Like a painted ship on a painted sea. That line keeps hopping in my mind, like bunnies skipping in the moonlight. I have to borrow someone else’s words because mine fail me, my lexicon suddenly weak in the knees in front of a beauty that takes...

  • World heritage sights and inspiring landscapes

    World heritage sights and inspiring landscapes

    Avid traveller and PR guru Maria Vella-Galea notched some more travel miles with her latest adventure in Jordan. She shares some of the highlights from this mesmerising country. For its size, Jordan has an overwhelming array of historical sites.

  • The breakthrough beer

    The breakthrough beer

    The bi-national brew will be launched at Munich’s Jewish Museum to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Rein-heitsgebot, the world’s first beer purity law. The collaboration is between Jerusalem’s Herzl Brewery and the Crew Republic...

  • Over 12,000 Maltese passengers choose Mein Schiff

    Over 12,000 Maltese passengers choose Mein Schiff

    Six years after Tui Cruises’ decided to home-port a new brand, Mein Schiff, in Valletta, it has become a household name which, in Malta, is synonymous with superior quality, beautiful itineraries and ultra all-inclusive. Nicknamed ‘the ultra...

  • 5 reasons to visit Cyprus

    5 reasons to visit Cyprus

    Lying on the fault lines of east and west, the picturesque landscape of Cyprus will capture your heart in more ways than one. Said to be the ‘Island of Love’, this destination holds a rich history that adds to the character of this popular wedding...

  • The lake that has it all

    The lake that has it all

    Chiemsee in the south of Germany provided Veronica Stivala with a suitable mix of countryside and architectural attractions, from a palace built in the style of Versailles to an island that is home to a Benedictine nunnery and another island named...

  • Long Baltic summer days

    Long Baltic summer days

    The Baltic Sea conjures up images of cold and ice but in summer Poland’s sister cities of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk offer travellers beautiful beaches, bracing sea air, abundant forests and plenty of history. Known collectively as Tricity – or...

  • A centenary of style

    A centenary of style

    Rarely seen photographs of the Beatles and Jude Law are currently on view at the National Portrait Gallery in London, the UK, as part of the museum’s exhibition Vogue 100: A Century of Style Prior to their loan to the Gallery, the two photographs...

  • Beauty and the past

    Beauty and the past

    Less than a couple of hours by plane from Malta, Venice is one of those iconic places that everyone should visit at least once in their life. Like so many cities it has a rich cultural and historical past but its location and structure, make it...

  • Boy Scouse

    Boy Scouse

    Whether it’s because of Anfield, the Beatles or culture, everyone has a mental map of Liverpool. The very name conjures up images of a glorious maritime history, unparalleled musical heritage, one of the biggest football teams in world football,...

  • Saucy and scandalous?

    Saucy and scandalous?

    Briefly it was a hit on YouTube: a clip of chubby comedian Matt Whistler sliding down a snowy city street on a tray, naked and cheered on by his neighbours. Very Brighton, thought many residents of this seaside resort which revels in its...

  • London celebrates 40 years of theatre

    London celebrates 40 years of theatre

    International Theatre celebrates 40 years of Olivier Awards and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum greets this milestone by offering visitors an immersive experience in theatrical heritage. The V&A this year celebrates the rich creative theatre...

  • Top 10 family attractions in Dubai

    Top 10 family attractions in Dubai

    So you think that Dubai is just for the adults who enjoy shopping? Think again – the UAE’s most famous city is packed with fun activities for children and parents alike. Travelling with children can be very tiring; parents are always searching for...