• The sound of laughter

    The sound of laughter

    Are you still using ‘LOL’ to express your amusement? If you are, then the joke is actually on you because ‘LOL’ is a bit last season. A US-wide study, entitled The Not-So-Universal Language of Laughter, has carried out research on the subject of...

  • Recall programme

    Recall programme

    Apple has determined that, in very rare cases, the battery in the Beats Pill XL Speaker may overheat and could pose a fire safety risk. Beats, Apple and other retailers have sold this product worldwide since January 2014. Customer safety is always...

  • Be data smart

    Be data smart

    The Malta Communications Authority has launched an informative and educational campaign on mobile data. The campaign, entitled Be Data Smart, is intended to help you enjoy mobile data services, with peace of mind. Mobile data allows you to gain...

  • Safeguarding children’s safety online

    Safeguarding children’s safety online is a local initiative to safeguard children’s safety online. The initiative, fostered within the Vodafone Malta Foundation, is aimed at parents, grandparents and educators offering advice online through

  • Give technology the green light

    Give technology the green light

    Like the proverbial weather, traffic congestion is one of our most frequent topics of conversation. Whether it’s the everyday bottleneck to commute to and from work, or the never-ending delays during peak hours, traffic congestion is a nuisance to...

  • Snap happy

    Snap happy

    Flickr Pro is the reintroduction of a premium photo storage service. It’s a reintroduction because Flickr Pro was offered before but then removed when the entire Flickr service was overhauled. The previous version of Flickr Pro was mainly just to...

  • Clever by design

    Clever by design

    Apple’s iOS9 was first unveiled in June of this year at WWDC 2015. It offered a glimpse into the near future for iDevices and allowed us to see just what’s in store. Usually, aside from a few preview phones to play with, this would be it until...

  • Yes commodore

    Yes commodore

    There have been many rumours surrounding the Commodore PET smartphone for months – finally, we now have an official preview of a handset that looks like a solid mid-range device and runs Android. For those of you too young to remember, Commodore...

  • True detective

    True detective

    Her Story is a crime solving game that is as refreshing as it’s immersive. The game is seen entirely through a PC screen and video clips. The interface is very reminiscent of Windows 95 and gives you the ability to move things around, save things...

  • Printed matter

    Maltese start-up Thought3D has developed Magigoo, a specifically designed 3D printing adhesive, to address the issues with first layer adhesion. The company has recently been awarded funds from the Takeoff seed fund award, which will enable...

  • Catalyst for change

    Catalyst for change

    Our commitment to digital excellence and innovation keeps us relevant in the ICT sector, says Tony Sultana, MITA executive chairman. What does MITA’s 25th anniversary symbolise? MITA’s 25th anniversary is a means to commemorate and remember all...

  • Hahas and hehes make social media comeback as LOL is pooh-poohed

    When it comes to expressions of laughter on social media, it seems the humble acronym LOL – “laugh out loud” – is laughing no more. Facebook examined a week’s worth of comments to its social network to find out how people are laughing on the...

  • Back to the future: Nokia is ready for mobile comeback

    Back to the future: Nokia is ready for mobile comeback

    Nokia is hiring software experts, testing new products and seeking sales partners as it plots its return to the mobile phone and consumer tech arena it abandoned with the sale of its handset business. Once the world’s biggest maker of mobile...

  • Don’t rage against the dying of the light

    I know that this will sound a bit Hamletian for a Sunday morning. And don’t take this in the wrong way. But we’re all dying. Except teenagers, of course – they’re still at that age when they think that they are immortal. Bless them. The...

  • Planning the route to collaboration

    Planning the route to collaboration

    The emergence of web mapping services like Google Earth and Yahoo Maps has driven public interest in geospatial technologies. These services present simple and interactive applications which facilitate the uploading of maps utilising free...

  • Getting personal

    Getting personal

    Gone are the days when we would use padlocks and safes to protect our documents, finances and personal belongings. Instead we are using virtual spaces for storing our livelihoods and most precious information. While these are probably more secure...

  • Memoirs of a photographer

    Memoirs of a photographer

    Childhood photos have a special meaning even to photographers. Austin Tufigno and Francesca Attard show their childhood photos to Veronica Stivala. Francesca Attard My love of photography started when I got my first camera as a Christmas gift at...

  • Wish you didn’t whirr here

    Wish you didn’t whirr here

    Reducing the concept of free will, determinism and compatibilism to a half-page word count would be tantamount to trying to fit all your weekend break essentials in one piece of hand luggage (always sounds good, but it never works in real life).

  • Local idea, global impact

    Local idea, global impact

    Originally conceived through a University of Malta research project, Ixaris is now a leading innovator in the payments industry and has just secured EU funding to support its €4m open payments ecosystem project. CEO Alex Mifsud explains what this...

  • Productivity on the go

    Productivity on the go

    After only a few weeks of being able to use the preview version of Microsoft Office Mobile for Android, Microsoft has released the final version. The very short feedback session probably convinced the Redmond giant that Office for Android is ready...