• Keeping up appearances

    Keeping up appearances

    The new year is only 18 days old and still throwing middle-of-the-night tantrums like a newborn baby. Some straggling decorations and unwanted presents have hidden themselves in a dark living room corner and survived your cleaning efforts and that...

  • Implementing a collaboration solution

    Exigy has been entrusted with a collaboration project at Novum Bank, a Malta-based bank committed to provide transparent and simple cards, stored value solutions and short-term micro-loans within the European region. Novum Bank aims at making...

  • Wake up and smell the message

    Wake up and smell the message

    One of technology’s modern truisms is that if you can imagine it, there’s an app for it. Do you want to book a table for dinner, spy on your neighbour, fool your colleagues into thinking that you’re busy working when in fact you’re taking a nap...

  • Unfair competition?

    Unfair competition?

    In 1999, Napster started a revolution: sharing music was not only cheaper than buying CDs but it also had a cool factor and allowed more choice. Even though Napster turned out to be operating in a legal grey zone, the sharing model grew and has...

  • Too rude to be true friends

    Too rude to be true friends

    New year resolutions are like gift wrap: you greet them with eager fervour and then either discard them or store them in a drawer for recycling. But there’s one resolution which you should keep. Not because it makes you thinner, fitter and more...

  • What the hack

    What the hack

    Nowadays, most people wouldn’t second-guess the security of the products they use in their everyday life. However, you would probably be shocked to learn that the average household has three to four unique exploitable points that a knowledgeable...

  • Makes sense

    Makes sense

    Sense is a new monitoring device that aims to tell us more about the activity many of us spend around a third of our lives doing: sleeping. It’s a lovely looking device about the size of a tennis ball. Its job is to monitor the environment to see...

  • Music to your ears

    Music to your ears

    Djay is a well-established name in the world of DJ apps and for good reason. The company behind it, Algoriddim has been creating apps since 2006 and all of them have been pretty good. Djay Pro is a revamp of those mobile apps brought to the desktop.

  • A gaming arena

    A gaming arena

    The beta version of Steam Broadcasting has become quite popular in the competitive market of game streaming. And it needs to be if it’s to take on the likes of Twitch. So what’s Steam Broadcasting all about and what can it do for you? Steam...

  • Step on the gas

    Step on the gas

    As a game company, Ubisoft has a mixed reputation. It produces some amazing games, such as the Assassin’s Creed series, but is also plagued with quality and reliability issues. The Crew, Ubisoft’s new release, seeks to change all that. The Crew is...

  • Computer aces poker games

    Computer aces poker games

    Almost always raise your opponent’s first bet, which can provoke an immediate fold. In later rounds, if your opponent raises, re-raise if you’re holding at least a pair of threes. Err on the side of playing a hand, not folding. These and thousands...

  • Race to define the car of the future shifts into high gear

    Race to define the car of the future shifts into high gear

    Automakers and Silicon Valley upstarts are kicking their efforts to define the car of the future into a higher gear, even though many of the players disagree about what that car should be. The emerging autonomous vehicle technology sector is still...

  • 12m driverless cars to be on road by 2035

    Fully automated driverless cars could make up nearly 10 per cent of global vehicle sales, or about 12 million cars a year, by 2035, the Boston Consulting Group said. BCG said 44 per cent of US drivers it surveyed would consider buying a fully...

  • Wearable tech trending at CES

    Wearable tech trending at CES

    Smart clothing to monitor your vital signs, smartwatches to summon your car and a headset that talks to you as you exercise are just some of the examples of new wearable technology at CES this year. The technology trade show is happening this week...

  • Dogs get their own smart collars

    It is not just humans who are getting wearables at CES: a new smart collar for dogs has been unveiled so owners and pets can stay connected. The Scout5000 is from Motorola and video streaming developer Hubble and allows owners to track the...

  • Tech giants to unveil new products at annual event

    Tech giants to unveil new products at annual event

    Some of the world’s biggest technology brands will be unveiling new products at the world’s biggest consumer technology show which opened yesterday. The Las Vegas Convention Centre will see the technology agenda for 2015 set at the Consumer...

  • Samsung unveils 2015 products

    Samsung unveils 2015 products

    Samsung has shown its cards for 2015 by introducing a range of new products, including new ultra-high definition televisions called SUHD. The TVs will run at 4K resolution, which is four times higher than full HD, and were announced at the Korean...

  • Facebook founder begins new chapter

    Facebook founder begins new chapter

    Mark Zuckerberg wants to put a lot more ‘book’ into Facebook. The founder and CEO of the social media site announced on his page that he has vowed to read a book every other week in 2015, with an emphasis on learning about different beliefs,...

  • Company acquires voice recognition firm

    Facebook Inc acquired a company that makes voice recognition technology for wearable devices and internet-connected appliances, the latest sign of its ambition to extend its reach beyond computers and smartphones. Facebook said it acquired

  • ‘We downed game consoles’

    ‘We downed game consoles’

    Users of gaming consoles experienced log-in problems on Christmas Day as a hacking group claimed it was behind the trouble. Both Xbox and PlayStation said they were aware of users having difficulties logging in to use the online gaming...