• Local start-up to launch crowdfunding campaign

    Local start-up to launch crowdfunding campaign

    “What if you could get your money back on anything,” Lewis Holland once asked his colleagues. What followed was a discussion that led to the launch of Discountif, an innovative way to shop online and get money back on your purchases. Buy a product...

  • In need of a signal

    In need of a signal

    The current refugee crisis is witnessing the emergence of a new phenomenon: the iRefugee, the iAsylum seeker, the iMigrant. Like water, food and shelter, information has become an essential resource for many refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

  • In search of the future

    In search of the future

    For many, Google is just a search engine, a tool which gives you access to knowledge and information. That’s how it started out close to two decades ago, as a research idea by two PhD students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who first began...

  • CAIP 2015 held in Malta

    CAIP 2015 held in Malta

    The historical Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta was chosen as the venue for the 16th edition of the CAIP 2015 conference. Over 135 participants from universities all around the world travelled to Malta specifically for this biennial...

  • A solid performance

    A solid performance

    One advantage of the fast pace of mobile phone development is that the trickle-down effect doesn’t take long to reach the rest of the market. Innovations and features seen on premium phones one year will reach the mid-range the next and budget...

  • Mind your second language

    Mind your second language

    Duolingo is a language app that has so far been exceptionally successful in getting more native English speakers to take up a second language. It is simple, effective and best of all, free. The result of a project by Carnegie Mellon University in...

  • Getting personal

    Getting personal

    Companies implementing a bring your own device policy are perceived as innovative. However, do the risks outweigh the benefits, Ian Vella asks. Many ICT departments, especially ones on a low budget, find it difficult to keep up with the latest...

  • A clever bag of tools

    A clever bag of tools

    Whether you’re a fresher or have started your final year countdown to graduation, these gadgets will help you make the most of your university experience. As the saying goes, a good workman never blames his tools. And that applies to everyone,...

  • Instagram snaps up 400 million worldwide users

    Instagram snaps up 400 million worldwide users

    Photo-sharing app Instagram has seen 100 million users sign up within nine months, taking it to 400 million worldwide. The San Francisco-based firm, bought by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion, said in a blog post it was “thrilled” by the...

  • Sony and Samsung to reveal new phones and smartwatches

    New phones and smartwatches from the likes of Sony and Samsung will be introduced at the IFA technology show when it opens in Berlin this week. The technology convention opens to the public at the weekend, but before then some of the biggest brand...

  • The daily wail

    In his book The Internet Is Not The Answer (Atlantic Books, 2015), Andrew Keen says that Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, and the company’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have six planes at their disposal. One of them, strangely enough,...

  • Full charge ahead

    Full charge ahead

    When, back in 2003, Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk said that he would prove that electric cars could provide instant torque, incredible power and zero emissions, almost everyone thought that the South African born inventor and investor had...

  • Transforming data to knowledge

    Transforming data to knowledge

    Ensuring that consumers continue to receive a reliable water supply and that their waste water is efficiently conveyed to sewage treatment plants, irrespective of population and tourism increases and other seasonally adjusted demands, requires a...

  • The sound of laughter

    The sound of laughter

    Are you still using ‘LOL’ to express your amusement? If you are, then the joke is actually on you because ‘LOL’ is a bit last season. A US-wide study, entitled The Not-So-Universal Language of Laughter, has carried out research on the subject of...

  • Recall programme

    Recall programme

    Apple has determined that, in very rare cases, the battery in the Beats Pill XL Speaker may overheat and could pose a fire safety risk. Beats, Apple and other retailers have sold this product worldwide since January 2014. Customer safety is always...

  • Be data smart

    Be data smart

    The Malta Communications Authority has launched an informative and educational campaign on mobile data. The campaign, entitled Be Data Smart, is intended to help you enjoy mobile data services, with peace of mind. Mobile data allows you to gain...

  • Safeguarding children’s safety online

    Safeguarding children’s safety online is a local initiative to safeguard children’s safety online. The initiative, fostered within the Vodafone Malta Foundation, is aimed at parents, grandparents and educators offering advice online through

  • Give technology the green light

    Give technology the green light

    Like the proverbial weather, traffic congestion is one of our most frequent topics of conversation. Whether it’s the everyday bottleneck to commute to and from work, or the never-ending delays during peak hours, traffic congestion is a nuisance to...

  • Snap happy

    Snap happy

    Flickr Pro is the reintroduction of a premium photo storage service. It’s a reintroduction because Flickr Pro was offered before but then removed when the entire Flickr service was overhauled. The previous version of Flickr Pro was mainly just to...

  • Clever by design

    Clever by design

    Apple’s iOS9 was first unveiled in June of this year at WWDC 2015. It offered a glimpse into the near future for iDevices and allowed us to see just what’s in store. Usually, aside from a few preview phones to play with, this would be it until...