• Van used as improvised billboard

    Van used as improvised billboard

    This van, emblazoned with advertising messages, was abusively parked for several months in a valley at Burmarrad to act as an improvised billboard, before being finally forced to move.

  • Scouts’ car wash

    Scouts’ car wash

    Victoria Scout Group organised a 12-hour marathon car wash that raised €1,544 for Arka and Oasi foundations. The group organises such car washes every year in aid of local philanthropic organisations.

  • Announcements

    VICTOR MANGION and JOSETTE BONELLO The marriage took place on May 29, 1966. Congrats and fondest love from your daughters Sandie and Andrew and Theresa, and your precious grandchildren Luisa, Christina, Jonathan and Chucky. Thank you for all the...

  • Storytelling at Simar

    Storytelling at Simar

    Children aged four to six and their parents are taking part in free sessions of reading stories in English, singing songs and fun activities on Thursdays from 4.30 to 5.30pm at Simar Nature Reserve, Xemxija. The children also take part in...

  • The night sky in early summer

    The night sky in early summer

    The days get longer as we approach the summer solstice in the fourth week of June, with June 20 marking the shortest night of the year. A casual look at the evening night sky will show that summer is ap­proa­ching as the Earth continues its trek...

  • Presence as gift

    Today’s readings: Genesis 14, 18-20; 1 Corinthians 11, 23-26; Luke 9, 11-17. In the context of the debate on marriage and the family, the Eucharist ended up being a bone of contention. This is typical of a distorted, narrow understanding of the...

  • Xagħra cupola restoration

    The restoration of the decorative painting on Xagħra parish church’s cupola has been completed by Maltese conservator and restorer Manwel Zammit. The painting by Roman artist Virginio Monti was executed in 1927 directly on the stone. Other...

  • Major Stanley Clews

    Major Stanley Clews

    Alfred Conti Borda writes: I met Major Clews for the first time in 2012 when I had decided to interview him for a projected short biography about his life in The Sunday Times of Malta. He immediately impressed me with his willingness to help and...

  • Students win JA-YE awards

    ‘Bubble’, a company formed by six students from Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School, Naxxar, won the Best Quality Systems Award and the Company of the Year 2nd Runners-up Award at the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JA-YE) Malta 2015-2016...

  • Common dolphin becoming less common in the Mediterranean

    Common dolphin becoming less common in the Mediterranean

    The Common Dolphin species (Delphinus delphis) used to be the most abundant cetacean species in the Medi­terranean Sea. But in the past decade it has been in steep decline in Greek and Italian waters. Notable populations remain in the Alboran Sea...

  • This is the Church

    This is the Church

    When Dutch Jesuit priest Frans Van der Lugt was given a chance to leave the besieged Syrian city of Homs, he refused, saying “I will not leave my people”. In the midst of the Syrian civil war, Van der Lugt offered shelter to both Muslim and...

  • Exhibition of Abram Gatt works

    Exhibition of Abram Gatt works

    An exhibition of Abram Gatt’s works and others inspired by his designs is open at Banca Giuratale, Independence Square, Victoria, until next Sunday. It is organised by the Gozo Ministry’s Culture Committee. The works were loaned from private...

  • Professor Joseph Max Ganado

    University of Malta writes: The University of Malta would like to pay tribute to Professor Joseph Max Ganado, who passed away recently. Prof. Ganado came from an illustrious legal family. He joined the University in 1939, graduating LL.D. in 1946.

  • Performing arts course

    The Institute for the Creative Arts of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology is to launch a Level 4 course in performing arts in the 2016-7 academic year and more advanced levels in later years. The institute is holding meetings with...

  • Students’ boot camp on applied oceanography

    Students’ boot camp on applied oceanography

    Students on the University of Malta’s M.Sc. in Applied Oceanography recently monitored the discharge of water at Ħofra ż-Żgħira bay used to cool down Delimara power station, as well as the waters at the adjacent Ħofra l-Kbira as a control...

  • Quotes and news

    In his homily at a Mass at Domus Sanctae Marthae on May 19, Pope Francis said: “When riches are created by exploiting the people, by those rich people who exploit [others], they take advantage of the work of the people, and those poor people...

  • Coming up

    • A blood donation session will be held at Gozo Hospital’s Outpatients Department today from 8am to 1pm. • The feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck will be celebrated at Munxar today. Gozo Bishop Mario Grech will lead pontifical Mass at the parish church...

  • Quotes of the week

    “I want Parliament to ask Mr Schembri why he betrayed the country and to answer about his web of companies. The story would end there if he can show that there was nothing wrong. Why is this so difficult for the government to accept?” Independent...

  • Pharmacies open today

    Malta & Gozo: 9am-noon Empire Pharmacy (Branch), 46, Melita Street, Valletta;Chemimart International Pharmacy, 650, St Joseph High Road, Ħamrun;Evans Pharmacy, 96/98, St Sebastian Street, Qormi;Mackie’s Pharmacy, L. Casolani Street, Ta’ Paris,...

  • Lightning strikes leave 9 badly hurt in France and Germany

    Lightning strikes leave 9 badly hurt in France and Germany

    Lightning strikes in northern France and southwest Germany today left nine people seriously hurt, authorities said. Eleven people were injured by a bolt of lightning in a park in Paris, six of them badly, the French interior ministry said. Eight...


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