• Jaguar XE to include Apple Watch connection

    Jaguar XE to include Apple Watch connection

    The Jaguar XE is to come with a direct link to the Apple Watch in a raft of technological upgrades for the new model year. Everyone knows someone who still insists that there’s a point to owning a so-called smart watch, and for that person it’s a...

  • Fuss-free


    We live in a world dominated by time and speed. How fast your broadband is, how quickly your food arrives at your table and perhaps worst of all; how fast your car is. Most seem to get caught up in the big rush. The Lexus NX 300h is, by...

  • A treat for car and tech fans alike

    A treat for car and tech fans alike

    Seat has recently unveiled its new Seat Connect range, a line that will be implemented across all Seat models. In partnership with communications giant Samsung, the Seat Connect line brings a whole new connected experience to the way people drive.

  • All things mechanical

    All things mechanical

    There was no tradition of classic cars or any interest in anything mechanical in the family of John Drury, yet from an early age he was very fascinated by such cars and everything related to them. “The fact that old, classic cars were so...

  • The New Year detox for your car

    The New Year detox for your car

    It’s not just us humans that could potentially do with a detox after the festive season. Try these simple tips to make sure your car is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed once the month of January sets in. Many people will make it their New Year’s...

  • Light as a feather

    Light as a feather

    In a world that was just coming to terms with the explosion of hot hatches like the Peugeot 205 GTI and Volkswagen Golf GTI, 1984 witnessed another incredible arrival: the Toyota MR2. Until then, engines mounted in the middle for better handling...

  • The new Audi A6 allroad sport

    The new Audi A6 allroad sport

    The good-looking, sure-footed Audi A6 Allroad, the quattro all-wheel-driven and air suspended Avant, that is already notable as one of the most effective insulators against difficult winter driving conditions, is now available with an enhanced...

  • DB5 rated most popular Bond car

    DB5 rated most popular Bond car

    As the world flocks to see Daniel Craig as 007 in the new blockbuster film Spectre, the Aston Martin DB5 has been revealed as the most sought-after Bond car of all time. According to researchers at online marketplace, a piece of...

  • Golden Steering Wheel 2015

    Golden Steering Wheel 2015

    The new generation Hyundai i20 has been awarded the Golden Steering Wheel 2015. The compact car has won the readers’ choice award in its segment and secured one of the most acclaimed accolades in the automotive industry. Celebrating its 40th...

  • The great hydrogen giveaway

    The great hydrogen giveaway

    Toyota has recently given the world the most amazing gift in the car industry’s history. The hydrogen-powered, zero-carbon-emission Mirai comes complete with thousands of newly-released patents so others can get in on the act. Strictly speaking,...

  • Turbo treatment

    Turbo treatment

    Honda is to introduce a pair of downsized turbocharged petrol engines with the next generation Civic. The 10th generation Civic will feature a three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine and 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine, both VTEC turbocharged. Following on...

  • A glimpse into the future

    A glimpse into the future

    Porsche Mission E Concept Appearance: Making its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motorshow, Porsche’s Mission E bears the obvious signs of electrification in its shape and aerodynamics. You don’t aim for a 300 mile range in an EV without making an...

  • Style Personified

    Style Personified

    When Audi first introduced the TT back in 1998, its intentions were crystal clear. It wanted to launch a car that would create its own niche within the heartland of the sports coupè market and, above all, take ownership of this very special...

  • The lost art of overtaking

    The lost art of overtaking

    Whether it’s slipping past slow moving traffic or a deftly executed pass while enjoying a drive on a country road, the art of overtaking has been lost by many drivers. It seems we’ve become a nation happy to dawdle behind slow-moving traffic for...

  • Porsche 2015 global sales up 27%

    Porsche 2015 global sales up 27%

    Porsche delivered 18,699 new cars worldwide last month, an increase of 18 per cent year on year. Year to date sales rose 27 per cent to a record 191,784 units in the first 10 months of the year. The full year 2014 tally was 189,849. The Macan is...

  • SUV fans rejoice!

    SUV fans rejoice!

    The new Mercedes GLC combines interior space and the running costs of a large hatchback with the desirable raised seating position and image boost of an SUV, says Pierre Fava. When Mercedes-Benz launched the GLK around seven years ago, the car was...

  • First Jaguar E-Type driven to the limit on autobahn

    First Jaguar E-Type driven to the limit on autobahn

    The first right-hand drive Jaguar E-Type Fixed Head Coupé ever made has been driven to its maximum on Germany’s autobahn in an attempt to match its 150mph record speed. E-Type chassis 860001, which was restored in the early 2000s by...

  • Speed cameras ‘may cause bad driving’

    Speed cameras ‘may cause bad driving’

    Speed cameras may actually create bad driving, according to an analysis of more than 8,800 car journeys in the United Kingdom. The study by a company called Wunelli, which helps car insurers offer telematics-based insurance policies, shows that...

  • More style… less utilitarianism

    More style… less utilitarianism

    If the words ‘Land Rover Discovery’ make you leap for joy, grab your warmest coat and set course for adventure, then you’re in luck. The Discovery Sport is the first step towards a new family of Discovery-badged family cars. It shares a lot of its...

  • Exclusive Harley of Hope to be auctioned for MCCF

    Exclusive Harley of Hope to be auctioned for MCCF

    Fapi Motors, local agents for Harley-Davidson motorbikes, have generously donated a Harley of Hope to be auctioned for the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF). The motorbike was unveiled on November 14 by Edgar Preca on behalf of President...