• Mediterranean diet 'better at treating heart disease than statins'

    Mediterranean diet 'better at treating heart disease than statins'

    Heart disease is better treated with a Mediterranean-style diet than cholesterol-lowering drugs, it has been claimed. A study found those who had a diet rich in vegetables, nuts, fish and oils were a third less likely to die early, compared with...

  • Supporting junior engineers

    Supporting junior engineers

    Some 115 student teams from over 20 nations put themselves to the test across a wide range of disciplines after receiving an invitation to take part in the Formula Student Germany competition. Three of the six teams supported by Porsche achieved a...

  • The smallest yacht in the world

    The smallest yacht in the world

    The Fiat 500, launched in 1957, strongly contributed to motorising Italy and quickly become a cult model of which over four million would be sold. Those were the years of the dolce vita, during which the country was rapidly evolving and restarting...

  • Quality in every segment

    Quality in every segment

    Cars International, representatives of Kia in Malta, launched the ‘Only Kia!’ campaign, emphasising the strengths of the brand design and the performance of Kia cars. Kia has long been in fast-growth mode now, both in terms of sales and for the...

  • A true all-rounder

    A true all-rounder

    Without argument the compact SUV market is dominated by the Nissan Qashqai when looking at this segment from an entry level point of view. But what is the choice for buyers who are looking for something else,something more up-market and having all...

  • Two can play that game

    Two can play that game

    Yamaha’s Super Ténéré has always been the Honda Africa Twin’s biggest rival. The Dakar Rally was hot news in the late 1980s and both bikes truly capitalised on the hype. Round headlights, 21-inch front wheels, long travel suspension and...

  • Żabbar’s constant development as a parish

    Żabbar’s constant development as  a parish

    The concept of the formation of Christian communities has passed through various developments. The seed sown by the Gospel, enlivened by the apostles and first disciples, began to grow in various grounds in different ages. In time these...

  • ‘F’ is for fast fun

    ‘F’ is for fast fun

    As if the regular F-Type R wasn’t quick enough, the Jaguar Specialist Vehicle Operations department has got their hands on it to create the fastest production Jaguar this century. Meet the thrilling Jaguar F-Type SVR. The F-Type should be clearly...

  • ‘Standing at desk helps burn calories’

    ‘Standing at desk helps burn calories’

    This week we are going to look at some short updates regarding all types of health issues. More and more women who have been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer are rejecting chemotherapy in favour of alternative treatments. A new study has...

  • Power to practical

    Power to practical

    First introduced in 2012 with 700cc, the NC700X was Honda’s affordable, practical motorcycle for beginners. Two years later, the Japanese decided to expand the NC’s lungs to 750cc along with a facelift and an upgraded DCT automatic gearbox. Time...

  • Self-injury is a major killer in the US - research

    Self-injury is a major killer in the US - research

    When deaths from substance abuse are counted as self-inflicted, then deaths from self-injury in the US are tied with deaths attributed to diabetes and outnumber those from influenza and pneumonia or kidney disease, new research suggests. "Self...

  • A beautiful future

    A beautiful future

    Every August classic car fans from around the world converge on Pebble Beach in California for a very special beauty contest. This gathering of magnificent classic cars was the perfect place to premiere the exclusive Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, a...

  • Off the production line

    Off the production line

    The best-seller Toyota RAV4 became the second model to be produced at the Saint Petersburg plant together with the Toyota Camry, which has been made here since 2007. The Russian-made Toyota RAV4 will be produced for Russian, Kazakh and Belarus...

  • Victories, retreats and stalemates during August-December 1916

    Victories, retreats and stalemates during August-December 1916

    On August 27, 1916, Romania declared war on the Central Powers and began the invasion of Austria-Hungary through the Carpathian Mountains. The Romanians advanced 50 miles into Transylvania. A day later, Italy declared war on Germany, thus...

  • People’s cars

    People’s cars

    Jeremy Clarkson once said that the Morris Minor was Britain’s Volkswagen Beetle. The two classics share space in Christopher Scicluna’s garage. There is complete agreement that in recent years, there has been a significant surge in interest in old...

  • Marking 800 years of Dominican legacy

    Marking 800 years of Dominican legacy

    This year, the Dominican order, or order of preachers, or even still, the black friars, are celebrating the 800th anniversary of its foundation by Dominic of Guzman – a humble friar who came from the small village of Kalruega in Spain, who managed...

  • Be my Romeo

    Be my Romeo

    The new Alfa Romeo Giulietta has a mean task ahead, as it competes in the crowded and very competent hatchback class. This is one of the toughest car segments, where no car can afford to put a foot – or a tyre – wrong. It is with pedigree that the...

  • Can elderly care standards be enforced?

    Can elderly care standards be enforced?

    As Malta begins moving towards providing more services to an ever-increasing number of older adults, the government is also radically changing how these services are provided. Initiated in 2015 with the termination of contracts with the Malta...

  • Beach beauty

    Beach beauty

    The new Seat Ateca is the highlight this summer at Barcelona’s El Prat airport. Artist Sergi Ramírez, who specialises in sand sculptures, has created a replica using 26 tonnes of sand. The first SUV in the history of the brand, and one of the most...

  • Injuries to the footpads

    Injuries to the footpads

    Last week, Gravy had an encounter with a door. Gravy is a two-year-old smooth-haired female miniature dachshund, very well proportioned with a lovely, pointed nose. The name dachshund is a literal translation of the German term for ‘badger dog’.