• Full attack mode

    Full attack mode

    The new Porsche 911 GT3 is here. The new, however, is only up to a point because some things, reassuringly, aren’t new at all. There’s the badge for starters, which denotes not necessarily the fastest 911 in a straight line but the most focused,...

  • A new breed of bike

    A new breed of bike

    There was a time when Harley-Davidsons were all hideously expensive, and not even being the epicentre of a cultural phenomenon could offset the wallet-crushing figures There are still top-end Harleys that will require the lion’s share of your...

  • Anything but a careless whisper

    Anything but a careless whisper

    Hot hatches may have been the favoured sporting cars during the 1980s, but there were still those discerning individuals who hankered after a sleeker coupe. Just for them, Volkswagen followed up its popular Scirocco with the more rounded and...

  • The Morris man

    The Morris man

    The highlight of the annual general meeting of the Old Motors Club is the presentation of the Events Attendance Trophy, which goes to the member participating in most club events. This year the coveted award went to Joseph Zerafa, who despite...

  • Step into the future

    Step into the future

    Mercedes-Benz is taking a big step into the future with the new E-Class. The tenth-generation executive saloon delivers stylish highlights with its distinct, emotive design and high-grade, exclusive interior. This new E-Class also marks the world...

  • Don’t rage against the machine

    Don’t rage against the machine

    We often associate driving with stress, anger and even road rage. However, there are drivers out there who actually report that being behind the wheel makes them feel calmer. There are many studies that show drivers become very territorial when...

  • Seeing far

    Seeing far

    Anti-glare headlight lenses have to withstand a lot: climatic influences, UV radiation, acid rain, de-icing salt and road dirt. With time, these elements will ensure that the plastic is matt and yellowed. This has a negative effect on the...

  • A new template for celebrating outdoor festivities

    A new template for celebrating outdoor festivities

    The new game of soccer had special needs to be seen to. It required suitable grounds to be played on and a group of people, or committee, to run and manage the team. Committees ushered into local prominence a group of people who hitherto had been...

  • Get personal

    Get personal

    Fiat’s concept for its 500 family was always that of a family of cars that keeps growing through innovation both in terms of technology as well as aesthetics and overall design. And true to this commitment, Fiat has just launched the 500 Second...

  • Amoris Laetitia – rekindling the joy of family love

    Amoris Laetitia – rekindling the joy of family love

    In the fourth year of his pontificate, Pope Francis gave us a special gift. Precisely on March 19 this year, the solemnity of St Joseph, during the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, he released the document Amoris Laetitia – The Joy of Love. Amoris...

  • Keep trucking

    Keep trucking

    The mega truck, a 25.25 metre long truck with a maximum hauling capacity of 60 tonnes, made its first Spanish road and motorway journey today between Palau-solità i Plegamans in Barcelona and Martorell. The maiden voyage was promoted by the...

  • Tinker, Maker: Making a water bottle lava lamp

    Tinker, Maker: Making a water bottle lava lamp

    Everyone gets the same wonder and curiosity when seeing a lava lamp in action, but how does it work? Well, the mechanisms involved are centred around the idea that denser fluids settle under lighter ones. What this means is that for a particular...

  • Driving force

    Driving force

    The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS breaks down the barrier between road-going sports cars and race cars. It is equipped with the maximum amount of motorsport technology that is currently possible in a street-legal 911 suitable for everyday driving.

  • Earthquake early warning systems

    Earthquake early warning systems

    Currently no system can predict the date or time when an earthquake will occur. But the technology behind earthquake early warning systems can be used to prevent some of the earthquake-related damage by alerting the public when an earthquake...

  • Taking everything to another level

    Taking everything to another level

    For 2016, the Toyota RAV4 range expanded to include its first full hybrid model, together with a new 2.0-litre diesel engine, revised exterior and interior styling and new equipment grades and features. The new RAV4 further benefits from improved...

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week

    This computer-simulated image shows a supermassive black hole at the core of a galaxy. The black region in the center represents the black hole’s event horizon, where no light can escape the massive object’s gravitational grip. The black hole’s...

  • Prostate cancer and diets

    Prostate cancer and diets

    Vegans are less likely to develop prostate cancer. The diet reduces the risk by around 35 per cent compared with a meat-based one. In addition, it is even better than a vegetarian diet, which includes milk and eggs. A new study has discovered that...

  • Off with the roof, off with the road

    Off with the roof, off with the road

    Having sold half a million of them, Land Rover thought it would be a great wheeze to chop the roof off its Evoque. In doing so the old-school British brand sets off into deep, controversial undergrowth – the uncharted realm of the premium...

  • Claudia Koll: from the stage to God

    Claudia Koll: from the stage to God

    The Magnificat (Malta) Chapter will be hosting TV personality Claudia Koll on May 7 to brunch with Mass, starting at 9.30am at The Palace hotel, Sliema, where she will give a testimony. Magnificat is a Catholic ministry for women whose aim is to...

  • The magic behind ‘parkour’

    The magic behind ‘parkour’

    Regular readers might be familiar with my aversion to most things overly complex or high-tech. I tend to relish simplicity, and even more so, slight but ingenious modifications to the most basic of things. While I am, of course, talking about...