• Technology at the wheel

    Technology at the wheel

    Volkswagen is entering into a strategic partnership with Mobileye, a technology leader in the area of automated image processing. The companies signed a letter of intent to this effect at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The central...

  • Giving a little more

    Giving a little more

    Driving an icon is not an everyday occurrence. The Fiat 500 is one such icon. Originally launched in 1949, the front engine 500 was aimed at meeting the demands of the post-war market which called for economy cars. Back then, it had a two-door...

  • New year, new concepts

    Kia A1A Optima Appearance: Brace yourself: Fast and Furious body styling has made a comeback. Allegedly inspired by the US state of Florida, Kia has taken an Optima and given it a huge twist. The showroom Optima is a really smart-looking car, but...

  • Bentley introduces stone interior veneers

    Bentley introduces stone interior veneers

    If wood trim just isn’t classy enough for prestigious British carmaker Bentley, there are now two stone finishes to choose from. The craftsmen at Crewe take slices just 0.1mm thick, cured with glass fibre and a bespoke resin, to give lightweight...

  • Along for the ride

    Along for the ride

    Car-sharing – especially to and from work – is not exactly popular in Malta but it is growing rapidly in popularity across all of Europe thanks to its cost-saving and environmental benefits. Simply hopping into a car with a friend, colleague or...

  • In the shadow of the volcano

    In the shadow of the volcano

    Normally when a car brand invites journalists to do a bit of off-roading they mean they’ve found a dusty track that wouldn’t trouble a golf cart, let alone a lightweight faux-by-four or crossover. Jeep, on the other hand, invited a small group to...

  • Passion for design rewarded

    Passion for design rewarded

    Four years after winning the EyesOn Design best concept car award for the Lexus LF-LC 2+2 Hybrid Sport Coupe, Lexus has received high accolades for the production car, the all-new LC 500 luxury coupe. The Lexus LC 500 was named 2016 EyesOn Design...

  • Express Trailers sponsor Escort Mk1

    Express Trailers sponsor Escort Mk1

    Victor Felice works as a truck driver at Express Trailers. However, when he’s not at work, he’s usually in his garage working on his Ford Escort Mk1. The flaming orange Escort, which is sponsored by Express Trailers, will again be participating in...

  • Best in class

    Best in class

    The Audi A4 Sedan 3.0 TDI with 160 kW/218hp has taken home the most prestigious automotive prize in the United Kingdom for this year. The expert jury panel for the consumer magazine What Car? designated the midsize sedan as the best car in its class.

  • Honda concept mixes maxi scooter and adventure bike

    Honda concept mixes maxi scooter and adventure bike

    Honda is trying to translate the adventure bike to the urban sprawl with a new maxi-scooter concept. The aggressive-looking City Adventure has dual-purpose tyres, angular bodywork reminiscent of current adventure bikes and even hand guards. It...

  • True to its roots

    True to its roots

    The latest model of the Porsche 911 is a symbol of evolution and perseverance that has become a benchmark in the motoring world. Throughout all these years, Porsche engineers have carried forward enthusiasm and emotion which in turn, have...

  • The urban all-rounder

    The urban all-rounder

    Recently launched in Malta, the all-new BMW X1 treats the premium compact segment to an even more potent shot of sports activity vehicle DNA. The second generation of this successful model, of which more than 730,000 units have now been sold,...

  • Restoration, conservation of Safi’s titular statue of St Paul

    Restoration, conservation of Safi’s titular statue of St Paul

    The way some works of art look now is different from the way they did at the time they were made, and therefore not what the artists had intended. The aesthetic appearance of most polychrome wooden sculptures in Malta has been changed at some...

  • A classic celebrates its anniversary

    A classic celebrates its anniversary

    At its launch in January 1976, the Mercedes-Benz 123 model series offered a persuasive combination of elegance and multiple technical innovations. The saloon was the first model to become available. The range was expanded a year later by the coupe...

  • Grand Harbour: from a naval, commercial to a leisure port

    Grand Harbour: from a naval, commercial to a leisure port

    The revolution ushered in by 20-foot containers (TEU) and roll-on, roll-off coincided with the Maltese period in Grand Harbour’s history. The first loaded TEU left Malta in September 1969; ro-ro service by custom-built ferry started in November 1971.

  • Mediterranean diet and vitamin C

    Mediterranean diet and vitamin C

    It’s always good to hear more studies giving positive results about the Mediterranean diet. Following this diet, rich in olive oil, is the surest way to prevent breast cancer. It is even effective when mixed nuts are used instead of oil. Women who...

  • It’s all standard

    It’s all standard

    As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. But in Malta, if you want reliable information and guidance on anything connected to vintage or classic cars, all roads lead to Rinella in Kalkara. For in that seaside hamlet resides Joseph Pace, one of...

  • The figure and physique selfie

    The figure and physique selfie

    It’s finally happening. For nearly a decade now I am happy to have had my little say here each and every week about all aspects of exercise and fitness that spring to mind. The culture of fitness on our fair islands, or rather the lack thereof,...

  • Best Buy Award for Oxford House

    Independent market research conducted in Malta by Swiss organisation ICERTIAS, has certified Oxford House as the domestic appliances retailer offering the best price-quality ratio on the Maltese market. The research was carried out during October...

  • Peelings turn into poetry

    Peelings turn into poetry

    A staple product of the Maltese diet has developed from an economic good into a cultural tie between two countries and an inspiration for poets. This is the outcome of the Poetry in Potato Bags project, which forms part of the run-up to the...