• Mother’s Day without mum

    Mother’s Day without mum

    When Hope Edelmann was 17 years old, her mother died. Her subsequent struggles with a grief that was “non-linear”, a pain that ebbed and flowed but never went away, inspired her book, Motherless Daughters. In it, she interviews dozens of women for...

  • Interview with a Mother’s Day survivor

    “The whole of the first year was just a vast plain of pain and loneliness. The pain, at first, was literally physical. In time it does ease and transforms into other feelings like emptiness, guilt, tremendous sadness and disbelief. But the four...

  • Flying the maternal nest

    Flying the maternal nest

    Having lived abroad for the biggest chunk of my early 20s, I’ve come to realise that the Maltese mind-set of living with the parents until a lifelong partner is secured is rather unique. Of course, there are various factors as to why this occurs;...

  • A luxury for mum

    Mother’s Day is a day we get to show our mum how grateful we are. Don’t let the chance to celebrate your relationship pass you by; make an effort to treat her or spend quality time together. Spa days are an ideal way to celebrate this occasion –...

  • Floriana’s Pavilion from the Knights to the British

    Floriana’s Pavilion from the Knights to the British

    In the 268-year rule of the Order of St John over Malta, other than the epic of the Great Siege of 1565, another milestone was unquestionably the building of the city of Valletta. Unfortunately, the man who was behind its creation, after whom it...

  • A versatile gift

    Stumped for a gift idea for Mother’s Day? One4all is here to help. The first thing you get with One4all is a free Mother’s Day card with all of our gift voucher platform, to help take that first step in giving Mum the present she deserves. Getting...

  • ...and still more monkeys through the history of Malta

    ...and still more monkeys through the history of Malta

    After dogs, cats and horses, monkeys could have been the next favourite warm-bloodied domestic pets – wonderful playthings with which it is so easy to establish an affectionate rapport when very young. Adorable as babies, they can turn violent...

  • A tale of two countries

    A tale of two countries

    Diplomacy is frequently a witness to history. And that is what first attracted the French Ambassador to Malta, HE Michel Vandepoorter, to a diplomatic career. “By the end of secondary school, I was already forming the idea of becoming a diplomat.

  • Sharing the Med with Provence

    Sharing the Med with Provence

    On February 23, 1700, a young couple, Pierre and his wife Isabelle Casolan from Marseilles, barely 30 years old, were sailing back to the capital of Provence with their toddler sons, four-year old Simon and three-year-old Donatien. During that...

  • Creating commerce

    Creating commerce

    There is potential to further enrich the relations between Malta and France, says Dr Mark A. Miggiani, Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce president. This year, the Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Set up in...

  • Populating Paris

    Populating Paris

    Does living in the world’s most romantic city involve strolling along the Seine, serenading one’s lover at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, eating croissants on the Champs-Élysées and wearing a beret? Or is Paris a bureaucratic nightmare full of...

  • Bright ideas

    Bright ideas

    France and thinking go together like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. For centuries, French thinkers have sat in cafes and bistros, nursing their pastis and coming up with social, political, philosophical, artistic and literary concepts...

  • Welcome to Malta

    Welcome to Malta

    What did you know about Malta before visiting for the first time? I didn’t know much. I just knew it was a small Mediterranean island with a British background and a glorious history. What were your first impressions when you arrived? I first...

  • All play and work

    All play and work

    Just Dance, Rayman Origins and Dishonored are just some of the French productions that have already won millions of players worldwide. Characterised by a network of innovative businesses, France is pulling in the lead in the video games market. A...

  • Bling it home

    Bling it home

    Do you remember, back in your primary school days, the prettiest girl in class? Of course you do. She had silk ribbons in her hair, was always the lead in the school play, and was the unofficial teacher’s pet. She was pretty and she knew it.

  • Celebrating 35 years of transport to and from France

    Celebrating 35 years of transport to and from France

    France is familiar territory for Express Trailers, a market with which the company has had a working relationship for over 35 years. Express Trailers operates various routes to and from France by land, sea and air and currently, the company...

  • Monkeys in Maltese history, art and language

    Monkeys in Maltese history, art and language

    Fra Mathurin Lescaut, who no one called by his real name but by his nick Romegas, could truthfully claim to be one of the most celebrated and daring seafarers in the long history of the Knights of Malta and of the Mediterranean: “The only one who...

  • Chocolate and big bangs

    Chocolate and big bangs

    Last week, two of the calls I received on the Veterinary Emergency Helpline happened on Good Friday. The first of these calls was about a two-year-old beagle called Pepa who managed to get at and devour an entire Easter egg. It happened to be one...

  • Basic summer advice for dogs

    It’s that time of year when we take another look at our summer wardrobe to check what is still in fashion and what may be put away. The whole point is to put back in our wardrobe light clothes that will keep us cool this summer. While we can dress...

  • A first taste of the sails

    A first taste of the sails

    Have you ever sat watching a sailboat pass by, and idled wondered whether you could swap dry land for a life on the ocean wave – at least for a few days? It’s easier than you think. Jonathan Gambin of fell into sailing...