• Winter pet care

    Winter pet care

    Last week I received an anxious call from Gember’s owner, asking me whether I could make a house call. Gember is a seven-year-old ginger cat who is a much loved and cossetted member of the family. They were concerned about his lethargy and...

  • When mummy is not home

    When mummy is not home

    Finding the right person to take care of your children while you’re working or playing can present a right headache. Daniela Allen is at hand with some mothers’ top tips. I was always adamant about not leaving my three children with a nanny. Not...

  • Nourish a growing child

    Nourish a growing child

    From their arrival to their third birthday, children will be twice their size, five times their weight and their brain will increase at an incredible rate. This is because at the beginning of their life children grow exceptionally fast. You can...

  • You’re tired and we don’t care

    You’re tired and we don’t care

    I get children. I don’t have any, of course, but I do understand the makeup of a growing child. I’m in my late 30’s and have yet to really break away from wanting toys, playing hide-and-seek and leaving the adult stuff to whoever prefers that...

  • Milk for growing appetites

    Mums know how active toddlers can be, busy exploring their surroundings and discovering novel things. Unfortunately, studies carried out by the UK Department of Health showed that many toddlers do not get the right nutrients and in the right...

  • Are bilingual babies better?

    Are bilingual babies better?

    What’s best when it comes to teaching your little ones their first words? Maltese, English, or a mixture of both? Helen Raine investigates the language issue and finds some myths debunked. Good news for Malta; bilingual babies are officially...

  • Let’s talk about sex

    Let’s talk about sex

    Are storks ever the answer? Iggy Fenech, with some major help from psychologist Malcolm Tortell, finds out how parents should approach the topic of the birds and bees with young children. When it comes to the acts of life, few are as important as...

  • The next generation car seat

    The next generation car seat

    An Israeli industrial designer, Yoav Mazar, has solved a problem many parents encounter when they take their babies for a ride: the need to pack both a car seat and a stroller into the car. This innovative product might mean parents never have to...

  • It’s not difficult to go green

    It’s not difficult to go green

    Getting your kids to eat healthy food – it’s a headache that few parents are ever spared, but with child obesity reaching alarming levels, this uphill struggle is more important than ever before. Unfortunately for you, genetics is simply not on...

  • The real social medium

    The real social medium

    With our children spending more and more time on social media sites, Veronica Stivala suggests some cultural alternatives away from the computer screens. I’m lucky to be part of the generation who knows a life without computers (only just), and...

  • Presenting a united front

    Presenting a united front

    When mum says ‘yes’ and dad says ‘no’, or vice-versa, the question of discipline can become a tad tricky. Helen Raine seeks some advice about dealing with parental disagreements. There have been times in my life as a parent when I have had to...

  • Finding inspiration

    Finding inspiration

    Energy and motivation Disassociating work from play is a common corporate practice. However, newer and more innovative organisations have started to see the benefits of giving their employees a little leeway and blurring the boundaries between...

  • Solid and scratch-resistant floors

    Solid and scratch-resistant floors

    Quick-Step laminate floors are extremely scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to distinguish them from real wooden or tile floors because of the attractive design, realistic structures and innovative joints.

  • Creative thinking

    Creative thinking

    When was Loft set up and with what aims? I moved to Malta after completing my studies in Canada and the US and practised interior design here since 1999, both with other design houses as well as doing freelance work. While trying to source...

  • Buying or renting property in Malta

    The nature of one’s business is a crucial factor in determining the most suitable locations for company offices. Offices must be strategically placed, depending on what is most important for the business. First of all, the office must be appealing...

  • A better office climate

    A better office climate

    An innovation in paper shredders with integrated fine dust filter system for a better indoor climate has been launched by Dahle. An issue that keeps cropping up in public discussion, fine dust is a problem that is familiar to almost everyone.

  • A good day at the office

    A good day at the office

    “Office design has moved from cubicles and closed doors to a more humane layout,” says designer Sean Cassar from Design Hub Malta, an interior and exterior design service that caters for both residential and commercial clients. “Open plan spaces...

  • Quiet please

    Quiet please

    From colleagues who insist on putting all their calls on speakerphone to others who eat at their desk with the same lip-smacking intensity of a lion devouring a young deer, the office can be a noisy place. Offices are places where people come...

  • Love where you work

    Love where you work

    Having to spend long hours at the office is a reality that most of us cannot escape. However, when your office environment is pleasant and playful, that reality becomes a whole lot better to stomach. The Hub Workspace in San Gwann is a newly...

  • All work and some play

    All work and some play

    You’ve just spent the last couple of hours drafting a report and number crunching last year’s financials. There’s a bit of a headache looming on your horizon. But now that the boss has rushed off for a meeting, the opportunity to fire up Solitaire...