• Malta at the start of the 1935 Abyssinian crisis

    Malta at the start of the 1935 Abyssinian crisis

    October 2015 marks the 80th anniversary of the Italian invasion of Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Italian irredentists and fascists claimed that Malta was geographically part of the Italian kingdom. Therefore, the British military authorities saw this...

  • Governor Arthur Borton and the 1878 Indian contingent in Malta

    Governor Arthur Borton and the 1878 Indian contingent in Malta

    In his article ‘Russian interest in the Med and the Indian Army in Malta’, (The Sunday Times of Malta, September 6) Denis Darmanin set out a detailed account of the events leading up to, as well as the arrival of Indian troops in Malta in 1878.

  • A 19th-century apostate priest and cause célèbre

    A 19th-century apostate priest and cause célèbre

    On the morning of June 18, 1844, Carmelo Spiteri, marshall of the court, and his assistant, made their way through the streets of Valletta. Their destination: No. 83, Strada Ponente; their assignment: to enforce an order of the Court of Appeal...

  • All about pus

    Last week I visited Noisette at home. Noisette is an eight-year-old female calico cat, originally from France, weighing all of eight kilos. For her frame, she is overweight. A peculiar characteristic of Noisette is that she cannot stand being...

  • ‘I’ll lead Burma from the shadows’

    ‘I’ll lead Burma from the shadows’

    Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi says if her party wins Burma’s upcoming general election, she will lead the country from behind the scenes – sidestepping a clause in the Constitution that bars her from the presidency. If the November 8 vote is...

  • Making waves

    Making waves

    Being at the watery crossroads of two continents, for centuries, Malta has witnessed war, peace and trade. This has made us a nation of sailors. And that means that we appreciate the beauty of the wind billowing in full sail or pushing the...

  • A sea of opportunities

    A sea of opportunities

    The yachting and maritime leisure industry in Malta is achieving encouraging growth, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Joe Mizzi says. Boating is one of the largest outdoor activities in Malta and for the past years, we have seen a...

  • Making the right choice

    Making the right choice

    Sailpower Limited is a Maltese company owned and run by Timmy and Angela Camilleri. As the sole representative for Boston Whaler (USA), X-Yachts (Denmark) and Riviera Yachts (Australia), Sailpower Limited offers clients two of the top luxury...

  • Licence to thrill

    Licence to thrill

    The name Giugiaro immediately conjures up images of beautifully designed, iconic cars, from the 1969 Abarth 1600GT and 1971 Alfa Romeo Alfasud to the 1974 Volkswagen Golf, 1979 Lancia Delta, 1983 Fiat Uno, and Ferrari GG50, a concept car created...

  • 70 years of innovation

    70 years of innovation

    M & N.A Trading Company Limited has been representing Elan Sailing Yachts and Elan Motor Boats for the past 20 years. This year, Elan Group is celebrating 70 years of innovation. Elan Yachts offer some of the most competitive sailing yachts...

  • Class leading performance

    Class leading performance

    Princess Yachts International plc is one of the leading motor yacht builders in Europe and one of the largest production boat builders in the UK. This year, Princess Yachts International plc marks its half-a-century anniversary. Princess Yachts...

  • An excellent yachting experience

    An excellent yachting experience

    Offering a full service enables our clients to enjoy their yachting experience, Alfred Manduca, managing director, Mediterranean Yacht Sales Limited, explains. Alfred Manduca, managing director, Mediterranean Yacht Sales Limited, has always had a...

  • A new sense of initiative

    A new sense of initiative

    Yachting Malta is a public private partnership between the Government of Malta and the Royal Malta Yacht Club. Since its launch by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in April 2015, Yachting Malta has consulted with various yachting stakeholders while...

  • A jewel in the principality’s crown

    A jewel in the principality’s crown

    The building works may have created some logistical problems for the Monaco Yacht Show. However, the 25th edition, held from September 23-26, 2015, was a positive one. According to the organisers, visitor numbers for 2015 reached approximately...

  • 25 years of excellence

    25 years of excellence

    Strand Marine and Auto Systems Limited started operating in 1990 as a company importing boats under the US brand name Larson. Following the initial success, the company also branched out into the automotive market, focusing mainly on batteries and...

  • All on board

    All on board

    Being on an island facilitates boat ownership. What does a boat add to one’s lifestyle? On a small island like Malta and with the traffic we have, getting around can be an ordeal. Even just heading out to enjoy a day at the beach can take you hours.

  • A passion for the sea

    A passion for the sea

    BJ Marine is a leading new and used boat sales specialist with offices in Ireland, the UK and Malta. The company is one of the most successful and longest established new and used boat sales and international brokerage boat sales services on the...

  • The marine one-stop shop

    The marine one-stop shop

    Established in 1964 by Paul Chetcuti, Mecca Enterprises Group started as a sole trading business. In operation for more than 50 years, Mecca Enterprises has nowadays grown to become a leading importer and distributor in Malta. Mecca Enterprises is...

  • Catering for all marine needs

    Catering for all marine needs

    Gauci Borda and Company Limited is one of Malta’s largest marine stores. The company has two retail outlets close to the main marinas together with a distribution depot where all incoming goods from all over the world are deposited. From dedicated...

  • A sailor and a gentleman

    A sailor and a gentleman

    Maltese sailing pioneer Arthur Podesta has passed away. Podesta, who made a substantial contribution towards the development of sailing as a sport in Malta, was also a long-standing member of the Royal Malta Yacht Club committee, having served for...


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