• Dads and discipline

    Dads and discipline

    How does the modern-day dad feel about discipline? And is authority a thing of the past? Iggy Fenech speaks to three dads to find out what they think. There is no doubt about it: over the years, the role of the father has changed. In this day and...

  • Tender loving care

    Tender loving care

    Most children often worry about what is to happen to their parents as they get older and become less independent. The decision as to whether one is able to care for the parents is often tough to take. This was not the case for Veronica Calleja,...

  • Procreation? I’ll think about it

    Procreation? I’ll think about it

    I always seem to lag behind my friends when it comes to life milestones. Their graduations, promotions, property acquisitions, weddings and the like preceded mine by years. It’s like I missed some vital growing-up process during my stint living...

  • Full boom rising

    Full boom rising

    In Saints and Fireworks: Religion and Politics in Rural Malta (1965), Dutch anthropologist Jeremy Boissevain – who at the time was in Malta studying the village of Ħal Kirkop – predicted that local communities were becoming more outward looking...

  • A cunning plot

    A cunning plot

    What do Monica Bellucci, Elvis Presley and Greenpeace have in common? They all feature in the first edition of the Valletta Film Festival. Veronica Stivala takes a seat. Next week, Monica Bellucci will be at St George’s Square in Valletta –...

  • Silky soft moisturiser

    Silky soft moisturiser

    Nivea in-shower body moisturisers are a hassle-free way to moisturise your skin. Ideal for busy women, they are designed to be used after shower gel, leaving the skin hydrated and silky soft, even after towel drying. Nivea in-shower body...

  • The heart and what matters

    The heart and what matters

    An average of 1.5 million tourists visit Malta every year, almost half of which arrive in the summer months from June to September. For a country of our size, I think that’s a pretty impressive number. We all know why most foreigners choose to...

  • A race with time

    A race with time

    What makes the Trophée Bailli du Suffren one of the most beautiful races in the world? First, there is the route, which takes the competing boats from Saint-Tropez to Porto Rotondo and onwards to Castellammare del Golfo and finally, the Grand...

  • Depth charge

    Depth charge

    The statistics are staggering. The ocean covers 71 per cent of the Earth’s surface and contains 97 per cent of the planet’s water. Moreover, 95 per cent of the underwater world remains unexplored. It’s the same with Malta. The island may only...

  • In the sun

    In the sun

    Sunbrella is a leader in performance fabrics for awnings and shade applications, marine tops and covers, indoor and outdoor furniture, cushions, accessories and more. There are various collections to choose from. The Imagine collection, offering...

  • Antonio Sciortino: friends and enemies in Malta

    Antonio Sciortino: friends and enemies in Malta

    When the article against him appeared in Il-Ħmar, Antonio Sciortino had no doubt that the ‘Giosafat’ who had written it was none other than his failed student who had wasted his own, and everyone else’s time in Rome and had so little to show for it.

  • Life in WWII air raid shelters

    Life in WWII air raid shelters

    The younger generation is probably unfamiliar with air raid shelters. These underground structures were built specifically to serve as protection against enemy bombardments during World War II. During the first three months of the war, in June,...

  • Knowing more about fleas

    Knowing more about fleas

    Last week Tomas got infested with fleas. Tomas is a very large cat with a round, full face, luminous green eyes that mesmerise and a short coat. Tomas weighs all of eight kilos which, due to his large size, he carries very well. Three years ago,...

  • When Antonio Sciortino lost his cool

    When Antonio Sciortino lost his cool

    Do you tend to see creative artists as marginally bizarre recluses, often barricaded inside ivory towers, muffled in their own genius? Do you believe they sip nectar in the happy hour and rely on ambrosia to put on weight? Well, sometimes. It can...

  • In good hands

    In good hands

    We have a complex, love-hate relationship with tools. Within the context of household chores, home repairs and DIY projects that will not be completed in a thousand years, tools are instruments of torture. We pick them up grudgingly, use them...

  • All play and some work

    All play and some work

    You’re familiar with that saying about how all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. However, the reverse is also true: all play and no work will not only make you dull but will also close the door on some great opportunities. And that’s...

  • In classes of their own

    In classes of their own

    These summer camps for children combine the spirit of volunteering with a love of nature to create informal education spaces, says Melanie Vella. Growing their ownWhy Not? Creativity Vortex • What better way for children to spend their summer...

  • More of lens

    More of lens

    Whether you’re reading this because you want to take better pictures with your digital camera or because you want to get into photography as an art, it will help you understand the basic principles of a good photograph and hopefully, get you...

  • It’s all play with clay

    It’s all play with clay

    You would think that keeping what you know to yourself is the best way to protect what you’re good at. This is surely not the case at Alka Ceramics, Ta’ Qali, a company that not only produces outstanding ceramics for both local and overseas...

  • Power to yachting

    Power to yachting

    Mastering the art of boat handling, whether sail or motor, is a big challenge. Whether you are an experienced sailor, would like to start learning how to sail or are already a sailor but would like to sharpen your skills, Malta Sailing Academy...