• Focus on the Spanish rites

    Focus on the Spanish rites

    The youth section within the Saint Mary Society and Band King George V Band Club, in Mqabba, are holding their eight annual exhibition during Holy Week. Official Mario Zammit explains that this exhibition differs from others that are traditionally...

  • A true labour of love

    A true labour of love

    Holy Week displays are a true labour of love. Dedicated individuals spend long hours of their free time planning, carrying out, setting up and maintaining these exhibitions... for no monetary compensation but all for the enjoyment of...

  • Going eastern for Easter

    Going eastern for Easter

    Before the age of text messages and FaceTime, before, even, the Morse code and the printing press, our ancestors used various mediums to pass on messages; mediums that helped relationships blossom and warmongering thrive. These languages gave rise...

  • An artist by profession, renowned as a musician

    An artist by profession, renowned as a musician

    Purismo was an Italian cultural movement that began in the 1820s. The group intended to restore and preserve language through the study of medieval authors, and this study extended to the visual arts. The artists of Purismo, inspired by...

  • In the danger zone

    In the danger zone

    Being a war photographer can neither be described as a job nor as a career – that is too simplistic. What does being a war photographer mean, and feel, to you? I don’t consider myself to be a war photographer. I am a photographer working as a...

  • Having fun with long exposures

    Having fun with long exposures

    One of the great things about summer is that it gives you more time and ideal conditions to take photos. With Canon EOS cameras, you can try out new techniques such as long exposures and time lapse. Long exposures Photographing scenes of activity...

  • Trusted quality

    Trusted quality

    After starting at the top-end with its X Pro 1, Fujifilm has been steadily expanding its X-series mirrorless cameras to appeal to a broader audience. With its X-T1, Fujifilm has moved back towards the high-end, offering a fully-loaded mirrorless...

  • Beautiful memories

    Beautiful memories

    A stranger looking through my childhood photos would be nudged to two conclusions. Actually, hold it there – if someone broke into my house and started stealing my printed memories, the thieving stranger would be nudged by a row of Rottweiler...

  • It does matter if it’s black and white

    It does matter if it’s black and white

    Kris Micallef What inspired you to pursue photo­graphy professionally? I nursed a fascination for art, music and dance from a young age. I’ve always appreciated beauty and, since I was a child, I’ve experimented with various materials and mediums.

  • On an adventure

    On an adventure

    There was a time when photography and sports were mutually exclusive. You could either pedal or shoot photos, but not at the same time. And if you tried, the result would be a very blurry photo and a pair of badly bruised knees. But in recent...

  • A learning experience

    A learning experience

    The Malta Photographic Society is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers that caters for anyone interested in practising the art of photography. The society offers its members a wide variety of activities including a number of competitions...

  • Shooting stars

    Shooting stars

    I have always been fascinated by astrophotography but never found the courage to go in the middle of nowhere for an entire night to take shots. So when the editor asked me for a photography tutorial I thought to myself, “What would I want to read...

  • Location, location, location

    Location, location, location

    As part of a two-way project between Banif Bank (Malta) plc and the Mcast Institute of Art and Design, students studying location photography were commissioned by the bank to present a set of digital photos for each location that the bank is...

  • Malta’s WWII resistance was an inspiring example

    Malta’s WWII resistance was an inspiring example

    For the landings in Sicily on July 10, 1943, all the Allied commanders set up their headquarters in Malta, including that of the Supreme Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower. The airfields, which a few months earlier resembled derelict...

  • Maltese poets in the sixteenth century

    Maltese poets in the sixteenth century

    Gregorio Xerri was not the only Maltese writing verses at that time. Another early Maltese poet, Pasquale Vassallo, a Dominican friar from Ħaż-Żebbuġ more or less contemporaneous with Xerri, is known to have dedicated lascivious poems to several...

  • Gregorio Xerri’s poem for the Great Siege of 1565

    Gregorio Xerri’s poem for the Great Siege of 1565

    A thick and precious manuscript volume which had belonged to my father is all written in the autograph hand of one of Malta’s most gifted sons: Gian Francesco Buonamico, described by Count Giovan Antonio Ciantar as “an expert astronomer,...

  • The Royal Malta Artillery – honoured on the battlefield

    The Royal Malta Artillery – honoured on the battlefield

    In 1938, The Royal Malta Artillery (RMA) consisted of one regiment of 500 all ranks, commanded by a lieutenant-colonel. By the spring of 1942 it had expanded to two coast defence regiments, two heavy anti-aircraft (HAA) regiments, one light...

  • Past laws regulating the oldest profession in Malta

    Past laws regulating the oldest profession in Malta

    Since British rule, prostitution itself has not been illegal, but certain activities connected with it were and are still prohibited. In the 19th century, as a consequence of the overwhelming popularity of prostitution, venereal disease was...

  • Police headquarters transferred to Floriana 60 years ago

    Police headquarters transferred to Floriana 60 years ago

    Since its establishment in 1814, the police department used various buildings as police general headquarters. In 1814, the police commandant Francesco Rivarola had his office in the first law courts building in Valletta, the Klistanija (today...

  • Challenges facing women today

    Challenges facing women today

    International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements but the truth is they may still encounter many difficulties. Stephanie Fsadni asks the opinion of four women from different walks of life on the matter. • Carmen Cocks Age: 64Occupation:...