• Senglea’s statue of Maria Bambina

    Senglea’s statue of Maria Bambina

    September is a significant month for the Maltese islands. It is also particularly meaningful to the city of Senglea. It is the month in which major historical events are commemorated: the end of the Great Siege (September 8, 1565); the uprising...

  • Class acts

    Class acts

    Teaching is not a job you can leave behind at the end of the day. Two teachers tell Veronica Stivala that their work is a passion and a vocation. Teaching them to love learning Francesca Cassar has been teaching for over nine years at San Anton...

  • Bridging the gap

    Bridging the gap

    From gaining an insight into German culture and increasing employment opportunities, to reading the great Romantic writers in the original language and visiting hip cities like Berlin, there are plenty of reasons why you should study German. When...

  • Have a good morning

    Have a good morning

    Summer holidays are a blessing, not just for the little ones but also for you. For weeks, you’ve been enjoying your breakfast in a quiet kitchen before going to the office. And on those days when your children still got up at 7am, they could laze...

  • It’s back to school for parents

    It’s back to school for parents

    After a long summer, preparing for the new scholastic year can be a stressful time for many parents. How do they cope, asks Andrea Faye Christians. As managing director of GV Malta English Centre in St Paul’s Bay, Gaby Huhn Privitera is a busy woman.

  • First impressions count

    First impressions count

    The good news is that you only get one first day of school. You wake up in a sweat, alarm clock shrieking in the background. You panic, thinking that you’re late. In fact, you are – after three months of hitting the snooze button on a loop, it’s...

  • Develop the performer within

    Develop the performer within

    Masquerade’s autumn term kicks off on September 28 with more classes and opportunities to express yourself than ever before. If you are between three and 83 years old and have always fancied developing the performer within, just see what...

  • High achievements

    High achievements

    Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education has organised the 2015 graduation and awards ceremony for students graduating in their MQF Level 5 diploma in entrepreneurship. Sameer Hosany, the director for the BSc programmes from Royal Holloway,...

  • Learning through play

    Learning through play

    At La Bacchetta Magica Childcare Centre, you will find an engaging learning culture where children are free to lead the way and discover their own learning journeys. La Bacchetta Magica has a policy to listen to and understand every child’s needs...

  • A new shopping experience

    A new shopping experience

    Scan Malta views its customers as the key to its growing success. While focusing constantly on customer needs and support services, Scan has grown into the largest supplier in Malta for the top brands of IT products at the best prices. Now, over...

  • Interior design course for children

    Interior design course for children

    Children can imagine a lot of things – we just have to let them. Interior design is a social activity. Just like being a player means that you form part of a team, so does interior design bring people together. By introducing children to interior...

  • A new and exciting academic year

    A new and exciting academic year

    The Johane Casabene Dance Conservatoire is all set for another journey of dance. Dance training is an educational art form which requires discipline and which is also very challenging and rewarding. The Johane Casabene Dance Conservatoire is one...

  • A passion for dance

    A passion for dance

    Situated in St Paul’s Bay, Pauleen’s Dance and Fitness Studio offers classes in classical ballet, tap, lyrical, modern jazz, contemporary and dance aerobics. Classes are taught by fully trained British Theatre Dance Association certified...

  • Giving students the best tools

    Giving students the best tools

    St Edward’s College is now accepting registrations for the International Baccalaureate Sixth Form Diploma for boys and girls. The IB Diploma Programme is one of the most widely recognised pre-university qualifications available to date. It is...

  • A clear vision

    A clear vision

    Vision Opticians is offering an attractive back to school offer for all students with a 20 per cent discount on frames and sunglasses with prescription or sighted lenses. Vision Opticians has a vast range of frames and sunglasses to choose from at...

  • Packing a healthy punch

    Packing a healthy punch

    A nutritious lunchbox holds the ingredients to your children’s health, says Charmaine Gauci, director at the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate. Many governments across the globe are investing in interventions targeting healthy...

  • Best in class

    Best in class

    We all hated going to school but now we miss it. Carla Formosa keeps Alan Paris and Lyndsay Pace in detention so they can write their school diary. A self-proclaimed tal-pepe, actor Alan Paris talks about his regimental days at the Jesuit-run,...

  • Goodbye summer, hello homework

    Goodbye summer, hello homework

    So you had a great summer. You travelled, spent time with family and friends and got a suntan. And that’s a bit of a problem because, since you had so much fun, it will be difficult to let go of the memories and get your body and mind back in...

  • Vittoriosa’s Dominicans celebrate patron saint

    Vittoriosa’s Dominicans celebrate patron saint

    On the 450th anniversary of the Great Siege, the popular feast of St Dominic celebrated in Vittoriosa on the last Sunday in August at the church of the Annunciation, popularly known as Il-Lunzjata, will be celebrated with greater poignancy and...

  • Caterina Scappi, forgotten feminist benefactress

    Caterina Scappi, forgotten feminist benefactress

    Nowhere it is recorded if Caterina Scappi could read or write, but the part of her 1624 will by which she made manifest her determination to endow the hospital for women, is a little literary gem – perhaps not her own work but the notary’s: “As...