• Prestigious artworks to go under hammer next month

    Prestigious artworks to go under hammer next month

    A collection of wax crib figures and saint statues are among the 1,000 lots of collectible items going under the hammer at the Belgravia Auction Gallery, St Julian’s, next month. Two Malta views from the latter part of the 18th century, attributed...

  • Reflections on Malta’s connection with Mycenaean culture

    Reflections on Malta’s connection with Mycenaean culture

    The filming in Malta of Troy from Homers epic poem, the Illiad, written about 850 BC, brought to my mind the world’s most famous abduction so masterly described by Homer, the father of European literature. Throughout the years, this historical...

  • A history of theft from churches in Malta

    A history of theft from churches in Malta

    Although there have been times when no matter what crimes were committed in Malta, churches were usually off limits, some thieves were not afraid of this sacrilegious act. One of the first recorded church thefts on the island was from the church...

  • A look at your pet’s food bowl

    A look at your pet’s food bowl

    This week a new couple came in with their first pet – a beautiful white female kitten named Snowy. This is until they found out that Snowy was actually a male. Thankfully, they had given their little cat a genderless name in recognition of its...

  • Malta earns the title ‘nurse of the Mediterranean’

    Malta earns the title ‘nurse of the Mediterranean’

    The first arrivals in Malta of the wounded soldiers from the theatres of war made history. A stream of ambulance wagons and motor-cars swept through Valletta on their way to the landing places, attracting crowds of spectators along the route.

  • Putting Malta on the map

    Putting Malta on the map

    Printmaking involves the creation of a pattern or image on a hard object. The patterned object, known as the matrix, is then used to transfer that pattern or image on a piece of paper and in this way creates a print of that pattern or image. An...

  • Art essentials

    Art essentials

    Located in St Lucy Street, corner with Old Bakery Street in Valletta, KG Store offers a variety of artistic products for artists, restorers and collectors. KG Store has in stock a vast range of colours, including oils, water mixable oils,...

  • Up in arms

    Up in arms

    Recently, a rare collection of arms was auctioned at Obelisk Auctioneers and Valuers. This important collection of over 100 lots of 18th, 19th and 20th century arms consisted of European, American and Oriental flintlock and percussion muskets and...

  • Unlocking precious memories

    Unlocking precious memories

    The provenance, history, materials used and level of craftsmanship all increase the value of an antique. However, the memories that an antique carries with it also have sentimental value, especially if the antique has been inherited from a dear...

  • Treasure box for the soul

    Treasure box for the soul

    When my aunt was 18, her husband gave her a precious gift: a handmade leather beauty case made especially for her by a Florentine leather artisan. All her life she kept her jewels in this box. When I was young, I used to travel a lot with her and...

  • A medal for silver

    A medal for silver

    In his small workshop in Żejtun, 68-year-old silversmith Joseph Aquilina, can still work wonders with precious metals. Having worked as a silversmith from when he was 14 years old, he has gained so much mastery in this craft that one of his...

  • Conserving art to give a future to the past

    Conserving art to give a future to the past

    Atelier del Restauro is a joint venture between three conservators: Maria Grazia Zenzani and Valentina Lupo, who are painting conservators, and Simon Dimech, who is specialised in the conservation of books and paper. Their love and respect for all...

  • A journey of discovery

    A journey of discovery

    Being one of the main thoroughfares in Attard, and probably one of the busiest in Malta, you wouldn’t think that Mdina Road would provide the backdrop for a quiet moment. And yet, when you enter Villa Drusilla, the traffic sort of evaporates into...

  • For all artistic needs

    For all artistic needs

    This year, Sistina Art is 30 years old. Sistina Art was established to cater for the needs of artists and students who demand the best quality artists’ materials at competitive prices. Over the years, Sistina Art’s business and clientele increased...

  • It’s hammer time

    It’s hammer time

    Auctions are great fun. There’s the rare item to add to your collection, an antique that you’ve always wanted for your living room, a chance bargain to be had, and all the excitement of brisk bidding. And anyway, auctions are always a good excuse...

  • Malta and its protagonists during World War I

    Malta and its protagonists during World War I

    Pope Pius X died in August 1914. The announcement of his death would, at any other time, have thrown half the world into the saddest commotion. But the world was shaken to its foundation by the war. The hoarse roar of battle, the sweep and crash...

  • Remember the mammoths and save the elephants

    Remember the mammoths and save the elephants

    As I was walking around a dark room with life-sized mammoth models and signs asking me to touch at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, I came to the impressive display of the world’s most complete one-month-old mammoth named Lyuba,...

  • Dogs gulping down grass

    Dogs gulping down grass

    Last week was emergency duty week when I got a call-out to attend to a vomiting dog. Rolo is a seven-month-old male cross breed aptly named for his toffee-coloured coat. Rolo loves nothing better than to race around the slopes overlooking Madliena...

  • The nagging cycle

    The nagging cycle

    What is nagging? Put simply, it is the act of repeatedly asking for something to be done in order to obtain the desired result. Many people are good at it, some more than others. The question really is whether nagging is a quality or a learnt...

  • Getting a kick out of keeping fit

    Getting a kick out of keeping fit

    As they were approaching their 60s, Lucian Camilleri, now 62, and Ronnie Saliba, 64, were determined to keep fit and stay active, so they started playing friendly football games with some of their friends. Now, five years on, Camilleri and Saliba...