• A walk in the woods

    A walk in the woods

    Wedding planning often seems harder than negotiating a United Nations ceasefire. For my wedding, the battle lines were drawn over the location. One side (the groom) wanted a wedding with no guests at a tiny safari camp deep in the African bush.

  • Napoleone Tagliaferro, esteemed educator and dedicated patriot

    Napoleone Tagliaferro, esteemed educator and dedicated patriot

    Exactly a hundred years ago Malta mourned the death of one of its most esteemed sons: Professor Napoleone Tagliaferro, ISO, for several years director of education and rector of the University of Malta, whose entire career spanning over half a...

  • Malta braces itself as Italy embarks on the path of war

    Malta braces itself as Italy embarks on the path of war

    At precisely 5am on October 3, 1935, General Emilio De Bono, Commander-in-Chief of Italian armed forces in East Africa, crossed the Mareb River and advanced into Ethiopia from Eritrea without a declaration of war. Ethiopia immediately declared war...

  • Fancy a dress?

    Fancy a dress?

    Fancy dress costumes are like jokes. If you finish telling a joke and, having only elicited laughter of the fake, canned type, you need to explain what was funny about your joke, then make sure you don’t pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. And...

  • Murder you wrote

    Murder you wrote

    Do you want your party to be a killer? Then collect clues from the scene of the crime and recreate the thrill of the kill with a murder mystery game. From the deadly plots uncovered by Marcus Didius Falco in the historic novels of Lindsey Davis...

  • Clues to the perfect murder mystery game

    There are various plots to a murder mystery game. You can, for instance, invite some actor friends to play the suspects – then it’s up to the guests to do some sleuthing and catch the killer. Another option is for the guests to put on the cloak...

  • Drum roll please

    Drum roll please

    A party is the best occasion to see and be seen. But let’s be honest here, it’s mostly to be seen. Otherwise, how are you going to justify the three hours you spent trying to get that French twist just right or the credit card that you melted on a...

  • A comfortable dress

    A comfortable dress

    When I was living in Italy in my early 20s, I used to volunteer at a retirement home. There I came to terms with a different reality to the one I was exposed to as a happy-go-lucky university student. Twice a week, I would spend my mornings at the...

  • Getting involved

    Getting involved

    There are various opportunities to help the elderly participate in society, including helping them to remain as long as possible in the labour market, Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly Justyne Caruana tells Veronica Stivala. As more people...

  • A full life

    A full life

    Enjoying a vigorous and active social life is crucial for the happiness of elderly persons. Moving to a nursing home enables elderly persons to focus their energies on their physical, social and spiritual well-being, knowing that their daily needs...

  • Help yourself to help others

    Help yourself to help others

    Caring for yourself is one of the most important – and often one of the most forgotten – things you can do as a family caregiver. When your needs are taken care of, the person you care for will benefit too. Researchers know a lot about the effects...

  • Come full circle

    Come full circle

    Fear of ageing is as old as the hills. Even when we look into different mythologies and legends, we can see a reflection of people’s struggles with life’s great challenges such as old age, death and dying. Myths about the elixir of life and tales...

  • Care, compassion and competence

    The first luxurious retirement village in Malta is nearing completion and will be opening its doors to residents later on this year. The Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village in Naxxar is spread over a 17,000sqm-landscaped area with extensive views.

  • St Philip Neri and the Oratorians in Malta

    St Philip Neri and the Oratorians in Malta

    Catholic saints are human beings who lived extraordinary lives. If one had to choose a saint who showed the humorous side of holiness, it would be Philip Neri. On the other hand, he was a sign of contradiction, combining popularity with piety...

  • Malta starts to prepare for possible attack from Italy

    Malta starts to prepare for possible attack from Italy

    During the heat of the Abyssinian Crisis in the summer of 1935, important decisions had to be taken on how to defend Malta in case Italy decided to attack and invade the island. Critical British naval military decisions were taken in August 1935,...

  • Dealing with pets’ hairline fractures

    Dealing with pets’ hairline fractures

    Last week Manfred was hit by a car. Manfred is a beautiful eight-month-old tan boxer of prize American pedigree and, therefore, typical of the American style boxer with a slimmer bone frame than we are accustomed to seeing in those reared in...

  • 50 years of human rights

    50 years of human rights

    Human rights are nowadays taken for granted, which is not to say they are always upheld, but it has not always been the case, even in Malta. As Malta marks the 50th anniversary of its accession to the Council of Europe and on the eve of European...

  • Why are we drawn to fear?

    Why are we drawn to fear?

    Some people seem to find pleasure in experiences that make them tremble with fear, be it watching a scary movie or visiting a haunted house even though they are not able to sleep for an entire week. Lorella Fava looks into why one may be...

  • A Jägermeister Halloween

    A Jägermeister Halloween

    Jägermeister drinks Ice cold shot: Best served as an ice cold shot straight out of the freezer. Just get a shot glass, pour in 2.5cl of Jägermeister and enjoy. Jägermeister and Kinnie: Fill a long glass with ice, pour in 4cl of Jägermeister, and...

  • Easy-to-do trick or treat kit

    Easy-to-do trick or treat kit

    Mother-of-three Sharon Pulis shares a step-by-step guide to make a quick and easy trick or treat kit for your children. It’s a good idea to get the kids involved too: they like to get their hands dirty and will get more into the fun...