• Feeling the pressure

    Feeling the pressure

    A new baby brings a number of changes. Psychotherapist Charles Azzopardi tells Claire Caruana this period of adjustment can be stressful for the father too. When a baby is born, a lot of attention often shifts entirely to the baby, with many...

  • Turning bath time into playtime

    Turning bath time into playtime

    From bath time to bedtime, there are a number of rituals parents participate in with their children that bring them closer together. These small acts provide a sense of security to little ones and serve as family bonding time. However, many...

  • The real-life daddy day-care

    The real-life daddy day-care

    From changing nappies to afternoons at the park, James Broome tells Jo Caruana why being a stay-at-home dad may well be the greatest job in the world. James Broome has certainly got his hands full. As the stay-at-home dad of Megan, 6, and Ruby, 4,...

  • A dad, by any other name

    A dad, by any other name

    A total of 207 children are currently in foster placement in Malta. In the run-up to Father’s Day, Sandra Aquilina goes beyond the figures to listen to one man’s story of life as a foster carer “No one child’s story is the same as the other, no...

  • Gayby boomers

    Gayby boomers

    Having gay parents might not be the norm in Malta, but in the US, it’s already old hat. The phenomenon even has its own moniker; the ‘gayby boom’ and there are plenty of celebrity trailblazers showing that being gay is no impediment to raising...

  • In the dad’s house

    In the dad’s house

    Being a single dad not only carries a stigma, but comes with a specific set of hardships. Helen Raine finds that one organisation, DadsHouse, is striving to change that. Becoming a single father can be an isolating experience. With women often the...

  • Putting the pieces back together

    Putting the pieces back together

    Marital separation is about the breakdown of a couple. But it’s also about the evolution of a family and marks a huge change for the children involved. Jo Caruana gets expert advice on how to help children cope when their parents decide to part...

  • Dads and discipline

    Dads and discipline

    How does the modern-day dad feel about discipline? And is authority a thing of the past? Iggy Fenech speaks to three dads to find out what they think. There is no doubt about it: over the years, the role of the father has changed. In this day and...

  • Tender loving care

    Tender loving care

    Most children often worry about what is to happen to their parents as they get older and become less independent. The decision as to whether one is able to care for the parents is often tough to take. This was not the case for Veronica Calleja,...

  • Procreation? I’ll think about it

    Procreation? I’ll think about it

    I always seem to lag behind my friends when it comes to life milestones. Their graduations, promotions, property acquisitions, weddings and the like preceded mine by years. It’s like I missed some vital growing-up process during my stint living...

  • Full boom rising

    Full boom rising

    In Saints and Fireworks: Religion and Politics in Rural Malta (1965), Dutch anthropologist Jeremy Boissevain – who at the time was in Malta studying the village of Ħal Kirkop – predicted that local communities were becoming more outward looking...

  • A cunning plot

    A cunning plot

    What do Monica Bellucci, Elvis Presley and Greenpeace have in common? They all feature in the first edition of the Valletta Film Festival. Veronica Stivala takes a seat. Next week, Monica Bellucci will be at St George’s Square in Valletta –...

  • Silky soft moisturiser

    Silky soft moisturiser

    Nivea in-shower body moisturisers are a hassle-free way to moisturise your skin. Ideal for busy women, they are designed to be used after shower gel, leaving the skin hydrated and silky soft, even after towel drying. Nivea in-shower body...

  • The heart and what matters

    The heart and what matters

    An average of 1.5 million tourists visit Malta every year, almost half of which arrive in the summer months from June to September. For a country of our size, I think that’s a pretty impressive number. We all know why most foreigners choose to...

  • A race with time

    A race with time

    What makes the Trophée Bailli du Suffren one of the most beautiful races in the world? First, there is the route, which takes the competing boats from Saint-Tropez to Porto Rotondo and onwards to Castellammare del Golfo and finally, the Grand...

  • Depth charge

    Depth charge

    The statistics are staggering. The ocean covers 71 per cent of the Earth’s surface and contains 97 per cent of the planet’s water. Moreover, 95 per cent of the underwater world remains unexplored. It’s the same with Malta. The island may only...

  • In the sun

    In the sun

    Sunbrella is a leader in performance fabrics for awnings and shade applications, marine tops and covers, indoor and outdoor furniture, cushions, accessories and more. There are various collections to choose from. The Imagine collection, offering...

  • Antonio Sciortino: friends and enemies in Malta

    Antonio Sciortino: friends and enemies in Malta

    When the article against him appeared in Il-Ħmar, Antonio Sciortino had no doubt that the ‘Giosafat’ who had written it was none other than his failed student who had wasted his own, and everyone else’s time in Rome and had so little to show for it.

  • Life in WWII air raid shelters

    Life in WWII air raid shelters

    The younger generation is probably unfamiliar with air raid shelters. These underground structures were built specifically to serve as protection against enemy bombardments during World War II. During the first three months of the war, in June,...

  • Knowing more about fleas

    Knowing more about fleas

    Last week Tomas got infested with fleas. Tomas is a very large cat with a round, full face, luminous green eyes that mesmerise and a short coat. Tomas weighs all of eight kilos which, due to his large size, he carries very well. Three years ago,...