• World-famous electronic music festival gets Maltese offshoot

    World-famous electronic music festival gets Maltese offshoot

    Electronic music fans are to get a taste of one of Europe's most renowned festivals, thanks to a live satellite link that will stream three DJ sets from the Tomorrowland mainstage.  Marsa sports ground will join seven other venues from around the...

  • Two historical sites to be opened to visitors this Sunday

    Two historical sites to be opened to visitors this Sunday

    Mqabba's Tal-Mintna Catacombs and the church of the Annunciation at Ħal Millieri will both be opened to the public this coming Sunday, thanks to a collaboration between two heritage NGOs and Mqabba local council.  Tal-Mintna Catacombs Tal-Mintna...

  • Chronic disease and optimism

    Chronic disease and optimism

    Optimism not only gets us through life with a better outlook, but it has also been proven to affect the chances of us dying of a chronic disease. Researchers at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health analysed data from more than 70,000 women.

  • The Duke of Cambridge in Malta

    The Duke of Cambridge in Malta

    On April 29, 2011, the day of Prince William of Wales’ marriage to Catherine Middleton, Buckingham Palace announced that as a special mark of favour, Queen Elizabeth II was pleased to confer a dukedom on Prince William. His titles would be Duke of...

  • The weekend warrior

    The weekend warrior

    History has shown us that revolutions tend to breed new classes and represent the fall of ruling classes or the emergence of others. The fitness world has witnessed some revolutions of its own over recent years, and peering into the fall-out...

  • Fat-cat Chester

    Fat-cat Chester

    This week I attended to a growing problem. My patient was a very large seven-year-old male ginger cat. His owners had brought him to the clinic because they had become concerned about his lethargy and breathlessness. But while Chester’s owners...

  • Fur and purr competitions

    Fur and purr competitions

    Cat lovers are invited to the Top Cat Final Malta, being held in collaboration with Top Cat (International Cats Ranking System) on April 22 and 23 at Smart City. The most beautiful and fascinating cats will be on show, along with a two-day WCF...

  • Can reminiscing therapy help slow down ageing?

    Can reminiscing therapy help slow down ageing?

    ‘Reminiscing villages’ are popping up around the world. These are mock villages built for residents who have dementia. The villages are designed to look as though they are from a bygone era. Usually, they are decorated with antiques from 50 years...

  • 'They are the soldiers, I am simply the narrator': Ira Losco

    'They are the soldiers, I am simply the narrator': Ira Losco

    In her latest music video, Ira Losco shares the stage with modern-day ‘soldiers’, including cancer and meningitis survivors. “I am simply the narrator in a real-life story,” she tells Pink in her first full-blown interview after giving birth to...

  • Myth debunked: Bitter in the back, sweet in front: a common myth

    Myth debunked: Bitter in the back, sweet in front: a common myth

    Everybody has seen the tongue map – that little diagram with different sections neatly cordoned off for different taste receptors. Sweet in the front, salty and sour on the sides and bitter at the back. This is a long-held misconception that the...

  • Novelties in breast cancer treatment

    Novelties in breast cancer treatment

    Improved screening techniques, as well as revised treatment protocols, have led to a decrease in breast cancer mortality rates of western countries, particularly in younger age groups. Even so, breast cancer remains the principal cause of cancer...

  • Photo of the week

    Photo of the week

    The Barreleye fish and its transparent head.  These fish are named so because of their barrel-shaped, tubular eyes, which are generally directed upwards to detect the silhouettes of available prey.  The eyes of the Barreleye are actually inside...

  • Maltese obsession with the new

    Maltese obsession with the new

    Whether it’s buildings, books, clothes or shoes, the Maltese are obsessed with the new in a way I haven’t seen outside of Dubai or post-war Beirut. Indeed, so hell bent are many islanders with not appearing to be anything but freshly minted that,...

  • Saving lives

    Saving lives

    Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations has designed and engineered a bespoke version of the new Land Rover Discovery for use by the Austrian Red Cross. ‘Project Hero’ was presented to the world’s media for the first time at the Geneva Motor...

  • Classic racing

    Classic racing

    The thrill of the racetrack can be experienced at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Trackdays. Moreover, professional guidance is included: this is what the name of the former DTM Vice Champion Jörg van Ommen, who organises and implements the Trackdays,...

  • As good as new

    As good as new

    Unpainted bumpers, styling strips, the cockpit and other plastic surfaces in and around the car fade with time and appear neglected. With special plastic care products, a perceptible rejuvenation of colours can be attained, while the materials are...

  • The original improved

    The original improved

    How do you improve on a success story? That’s what we often ask ourselves before testing a facelift or a new version of a successful model. The Scenic was Renault’s major hit on the local and international markets. As with books and albums, the...

  • Car of the year announced

    Car of the year announced

    The new Peugeot 3008 was named the 2017 Car of the Year on March 6 in Geneva by a judging panel comprising 58 European journalists. The judging panel acclaimed its style, interior design and performance. This prestigious trophy joins the 20 other...

  • Half a century later

    Half a century later

    What do you remember about the victory at Sebring? We tested only briefly and it was the first race for the Mk IV. The car was competitive right from the start because we had very good mechanical knowledge and they had used much of the chassis of...

  • Developing cars for the future

    Developing cars for the future

    Bright sunlight floods the Volkswagen Virtual Engineering Lab in Wolfsburg. Two dozen screens flicker, some of them showing graphics and others hundreds of lines of program code. In the centre of the room, there is a scale 1:4 model of a Golf.