• Climbing life’s biggest mountain

    Climbing life’s biggest mountain

    At 65, Gertrude Abela never entertained the idea of scaling a mountain, but she tells Ariadne Massa surmounting the obstacles to reach the summit was the most exhilarating way of proving there is life beyond breast cancer. The call came in January.

  • The 23-year-long wait

    The 23-year-long wait

    Joseph Parnis's pregnant wife left him and returned to England in 1983. After 23 years he finally met his son Piers. Fiona Galea Debono interviews them after Piers’ recent marriage in Malta. The first time Joseph Parnis met his son was 23 years...

  • Doctors without frontiers

    Doctors without frontiers

    Just back from visiting beleaguered hospitals in Libya, Italian orthopaedic surgeon Ugo Orestano and specialised Maltese nurse Joseph Garzia speak to Ariadne Massa about the horrific injuries they witnessed. Beds with injured rebel fighters lined...

  • Lightning strikes back

    Lightning strikes back

    For 18 months, ace footballer Michael Mifsud did not play football despite offers from foreign clubs. For the first time he concedes it was a mistake and tells Kurt Sansone he was caught in a trap. At 30 and after returning from an 18-month lull...

  • The Austrian high flier

    The Austrian high flier

    Malta International Airport chief executive Julian Jaeger has ended his four-and-a-half year stay in Malta to take up another post at Vienna airport. He speaks to Kurt Sansone on the eve of his departure. The aircraft collection on the cabinet in...

  • Smooth manipulator

    Smooth manipulator

    He mystified generations with his conjuring, but Vanni Pulé, who has just been elected to the top post of the prestigious International Brotherhood of Magicians, does not believe in magic. He speaks to Ariadne Massa about his bag of...

  • St Joseph's Home: Picking up the pieces

    St Joseph's Home: Picking up the pieces

    St Joseph’s Home is still reeling from the sex-abuse scandal that unfolded within its walls. Its director, Frankie Cini, tells Fiona Galea Debono how he is trying to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the shame. Fr Frankie Cini may be...

  • ‘After I was raped, I was finished’

    ‘After I was raped, I was finished’

    The only boy to be raped from the 11 who were abused by priests at Sta Venera’s St Joseph Home, LC, speaks for the first time about how he was sexually assaulted by three priests while he was an orphan in their care. It was Sunday afternoon and...

  • ‘Inside we’re falling to bits’

    ‘Inside we’re falling to bits’

    Lawrence Grech and Joseph Magro, who were sexually abused by Fr Carmelo Pulis when they were teenage orphans, speak to Ariadne Massa about how tough it was to testify against a man they considered to be their father. Their biggest satisfaction...

  • Time to handle with care

    Time to handle with care

    Engineer and businessman Joseph Caruana assumed the role of Mater Dei Hospital CEO three months ago. He speaks to Ariadne Massa about waiting lists, bed shortage, and being bowled over by the staff’s dedication. What do you bring to the job? All...

  • Arriva: The road to redemption

    Arriva: The road to redemption

    The new bus service was introduced with high expectations two weeks ago, followed by bitter disappointment. Keith Bastow, managing director of Arriva Malta, tells Patrick Cooke how his company had prepared itself, and what has happened since. Do...

  • Arriva are here, but will they get there?

    Arriva are here, but will they get there?

    Arriva’s first week of operating the new public transport system was marked by driver walk-outs, lengthy delays, long journeys, irate commuters, bus breakdowns and faulty equipment. Patrick Cooke finds the jury is still out on whether Arriva is...

  • Girl, uninterrupted

    Girl, uninterrupted

    Oscar-winning actress, sex symbol, mother, Brad Pitt’s ‘other half’, icon... humanitarian. Angelina Jolie tells Herman Grech she wants to make herself “useful”. A row of arms stretch through the bars inside Lyster Barracks detention centre...

  • Melancholic, melodic bittersweet journey

    Melancholic, melodic bittersweet journey

    Italian singer Zucchero has come full circle with his recent introspective album. In the run-up to his Malta concert, he tells Fiona Galea Debono he no longer fits in and relates to today’s world... even if his music definitely does. The rain is...

  • Prepare for take off

    Prepare for take off

    In their first interview, Air Malta chairman Louis Farrugia and CEO Peter Davies tell Herman Grech they intend to ‘save’ 700 jobs. It’s been weeks since the restructuring process was announced and yet workers are still in the dark. How long will...

  • ‘Something I had to do’

    ‘Something I had to do’

    Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando tells Herman Grech his party will only be spared embarrassment if all MPs reflect last week’s Yes to divorce. A few days after the electorate gave the thumbs up to the introduction of divorce in Malta, how...

  • American history’s ex

    American history’s ex

    Outgoing US Ambassador Douglas Kmiec speaks to Anthony Manduca about his Catholic faith, disappointment with the State Department, and continuing loyalty to Barack Obama. US Ambassador Douglas Kmiec leaves office on Tuesday after being criticised...

  • Deborah Schembri: 'Give love another chance'

    Deborah Schembri: 'Give love another chance'

    Yes movement chairman Deborah Schembri tells Christian Peregin conservative divorce legislation is better than nothing. Have you considered a career in politics or has this campaign been too tough on you? I don’t think the campaign was tough...

  • Andre' Camilleri: 'No cure for divorce'

    Andre' Camilleri: 'No cure for divorce'

    Anti-divorce movement chairman Andre Camilleri tells Christian Peregin solutions proposed by every European country have made the problem worse. Recently we asked if your campaign is being funded by the Church and the Nationalist Party. But we...

  • This able woman

    This able woman

    Winning Worker of the Year is no mean feat, but Vickie Gauci née Sciberras has impressed with bigger achievements in life. Thrown into a wheelchair by a freakaccident eight years ago, she tells Ariadne Massa walking does not top her wish...