• Dig it

    Dig it

    The consumer-driven nineties and noughties didn’t nurse a good opinion of second-hand items. It was the age of disposable everything – buy today, throw out tomorrow, and buy again the day after. It was a vicious circle set against the backdrop of...

  • Taking your home outdoors

    Taking your home outdoors

    Satariano Home’s new outdoor furniture collections suit any outdoor space. A room doesn’t need four walls to be enjoyed; you can also take the comforts of home outdoors. Make the most of your outdoor space with Satariano Home’s vast and affordable...

  • Creature comforts

    Creature comforts

    Pets and furniture normally don’t flock together. They chew your new sofa, litter the carpet with fluff, nibble at the table’s legs and scratch the chairs. And that’s before going into toilet troubles. Rest assured that if you have pets, you can...

  • Adding value to outdoor living

    Adding value to outdoor living

    Life can be enjoyed in so many ways; from quiet moments enjoying your own company, to happy gatherings with family and friends, making the most of the beautiful Mediterranean weather. Ideacasa, part of Vivendo Group, is focused on delivering...

  • Let the sun shine

    Let the sun shine

    Being blessed with at least six months a year of good weather, your outdoor space should be given the same amount of attention and budget allocation as the rest of your house. However, before setting out on a shopping spree, it would be a good...

  • New outdoor collection

    Krea has just launcheda new outdoor collection, the latest addition to Krea’s furniture portfolio. With over 10 years’ experience in the furniture industry, Krea is offering a vast range of outdoor materials, including synthetic rattan,...

  • Affordable comfort

    Affordable comfort

    Over the past few years, The House Shop has established a reputation for sourcing high-end outdoor furniture at affordable prices. The collection consists of contemporary designs which are very much in keeping with the latest trends. Apart from...

  • Seamless surfaces for beauty and practicality

    Seamless surfaces for beauty and practicality

    JTS trading, a local importer and distributor of timber, parquet and laminate flooring, has added Samsung Staron to its product port-folio. Samsung Staron provides acrylic, seamless surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. Staron is a 100 per cent...

  • New collection at Fino

    New collection at Fino

    Fino has a new collection of Sirecom Tappeti carpets and Salvadori Arte paintings on display at its Mrieħel showroom. For more information visit or call 2549 3000.

  • JTS trading adds Staron to its products

    JTS trading adds Staron to its products

    JTS trading, a local importer and distributor of timber, parquet and laminate flooring, has added Samsung Staron® Seamless Surfaces to its line of products. Staron®by Samsung is a 100% acrylic solid surface material for homes and commercial settings.

  • Next rung on the ladder

    Next rung on the ladder

    It’s a typical conundrum these days: you want a new home but haven’t sold your old one yet. So what do you do? Jo Caruana asks the experts. In an ideal world, we’d all sell our properties the day we put them on the market, and find our new homes...

  • Setting up a walk-in closet

    Setting up a walk-in closet

    For clothes lovers, and clothes wearers, the walk-in closet is the ultimate dream wardrobe. Whether it is an annex to your bedroom, or a cordoned-off space in your bedroom, this means of clothes storage is the best idea since sliced bread, and the...

  • Worth more than a pound

    After purchasing or constructing a house, one starts planning how to enhance it with furniture. The idea is to turn the residence into a real home. Some may think about decorating their home with artistic objects that are part of the Maltese...

  • Painting the roof green

    Painting the roof green

    A new University of Malta project will see the introduction of the first green roof to Malta. Vince Lloyd Morris, from the Life+Med Green Roof Project, writes about it. Research being undertaken at the University of Malta could make a big...

  • “My home is a ship”

    “My home is a ship”

    When your home is based on a dredging vessel, getting used to your living space takes on a whole new meaning. Joseph Felice tells Ramona Depares about life on board without getting bored. Most of us are used to joining colleagues in a land-based...

  • A paradise in our homes

    A paradise in our homes

    A garden is not just a functional space, it is meant to generate emotions and bring well-being. Sicilian architect Angelo Vecchio tells Stephanie Fsadni about his love affair with gardens, the principles of landscape architecture and how...

  • Open Week at Satariano Home

    Open Week at Satariano Home

    The Satariano brand has always been associated with high-end living, and the brands chosen by SatarianoHome reflect this ideal. San Giacomo and Novamobile, the two highly reputable Italian furniture brands the company works with, offer furniture...

  • Genuine Maltese antique furniture

    Ġgantija Antiques focuses on genuine Maltese furniture pieces which form part of Malta’s heritage. Items in the gallery include authentic glass domes, bisque figurines, devotional religious artefacts, lusters, clocks and other rare items. The vast...

  • Function and beauty

    Countertops are one thing that will make a big difference to your kitchen. Staron by Samsung is a 100% acrylic, solid surface material for homes and commercial settings. As a durable, stain-resistant, hygienic, and easy-to-clean surface, Staron is...

  • Ergonomics and style

    Ergonomics and style

    With all the ergonomic Stressless advantages, Stressless Metro and Stressless City recliners are certainly eye-catching and will work in any lounge setting in any leather or fabric colours. The combination of the chrome rotating base and sleek...