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  • Keep clean

    Keep clean

    Bacteria constitute a large domain of prokaryotic micro-organisms. Typically a few micrometres in length, bacteria have a number of shapes, ranging from spheres to rods and spirals. Bacteria were among the first life forms to appear on Earth, and...

  • Outdoor challenges for greater wellness

    Outdoor challenges for greater wellness

    As the weather starts to close in and the looming overcast sky creeps over us, nature again reminds us of the tremendous influence it holds over our existence – the elements, the great outdoors, forces to be reckoned with, forces with which to...

  • Walking the talk

    Walking the talk

    This year’s edition of the annual Silhouette Walk, a walk organised by Europa Donna Malta to raise awareness about the importance of breast screening, is being held today. It starts at 10am from near The Mall in Floriana and ends at The Ferries in...

  • Insanity in the fitness world

    Insanity in the fitness world

    An Insanity Master Class Weekend and PiYo classes, a combination of Yoga and Pilates was organised by Cynergi Health and Fitness Club. The event was hosted by Rob Myers-McLaughlin, the head master trainer for Beadybody UK where he represents...

  • Keeping the post-birth pot belly under control

    Keeping the post-birth pot belly under control

    So, there you are with your brand-new, squealing infant, slumped on the sofa and counting it a successful day if you get out of your bathrobe and into some mum jeans. At this point, exercise is very low down the to-do list, somewhere behind ‘bin...

  • A futile exercise in exercise

    A futile exercise in exercise

    I need to lose weight. I want to, but I also need to. I’d like more hours in the day, too. I require them. But the laws of physics are immutable. That is to say, I will not be going to the gym anytime soon, either. I had a pretty active childhood.

  • Fine quality biscuits

    Devon has been established since 1982 and today offers an extensive range of chocolate-coated biscuits, cream-filled biscuits, semi-sweet biscuits, cookies and crackers. In 2005 Devon added the Healthline range, which offers sugar-free products...

  • Learn the bootcamp basics for free fitness

    Learn the bootcamp basics for free fitness

    Getting fit on schedule doesn’t necessarily require a regimental discipline and a bottomless budget. Helen Raine cooks up a DIY routine of her own. Bootcamp has something of an image problem. The first time I heard a friend talking about it, I...

  • B is for Bokwa

    B is for Bokwa

    I started attending Bokwa classes last year by chance. The fitness school I attended incorporated some Bokwa moves in another class and I soon found myself quite enjoying doing Js, Ks and Ls. And no, thankfully, the letters don’t stand for jumps,...

  • A natural drink with sparkle

    A natural drink with sparkle

    Delightfully refreshing, Fruvia is a sparkling, all-natural juice drink, naturally sweetened with no artificial ingredients or flavourings. It is one of the first beverages of its kind in Malta that is sweetened using a mix of Stevia, the...

  • Add a sprinkle of love and serve pronto

    Add a sprinkle of love and serve pronto

    With a growing epidemic of obesity, we are more aware than ever that it’s import-ant not only to keep our kids well nourished, but to help them develop a healthy relationship with their food. Once upon a time, the term ‘school lunches’ meant...

  • Fighting fit, Kibo-style

    Fighting fit, Kibo-style

    Life often feels like a struggle – whether it’s at work, with those around us, or even with ourselves, against our tiredness, lack of motivation and an inclination to do less. David Camilleri knows this well. A trained fitness instructor with a...

  • O sleep, where art thou?

    O sleep, where art thou?

    Never mind falling asleep once my head has hit the pillow. I am one of those people who are usually already in dreamland 10 or so minutes before – perhaps dozing on the car ride home, or catching 40 winks while brushing my teeth. Yes, sleep has...

  • Millions plagued by TB

    Millions plagued by TB

    Multi drug-resistant tuberculosis remains at crisis levels, with about 480,000 new cases this year, and various forms of lung disease killed about 1.5 million people in 2013, the World Health Organisation said. In recent years, the emergence of...

  • Drug ‘kills dividing cancer cells’

    A drug that kills cancer cells as they try to divide has shown “dramatic” results in early research,paving the way to potentially curative treatments. In the laboratory, the drug, OTS964, eradicated aggressive human lung cancers transplanted into...

  • Cell transplant helps paralysed man walk

    Cell transplant helps paralysed man walk

    A Bulgarian man who was paralysed from the chest down in a knife attack can now walk with the aid of a frame after receiving pioneering transplant treatment using cells from his nose. The technique, described as a breakthrough by a study in the...

  • Children ‘boost arthritis risk’

    Children ‘boost arthritis risk’

    A woman’s children can increase her risk of rheumatoid arthritis, research suggests. Foetal cells from an unborn baby may remain in a mother’s body for decades and trigger an immune reaction linked to the disease, scientists believe. But whether...

  • Working intestine grown in lab

    Working intestine grown in lab

    Functioning human intestine has been grown from stem cells in the laboratory, paving the way to new treatments for gut disorders. Scientists first created tissue fragments called ‘organoids’ that were transplanted into mice, where they matured.

  • Impotency pill ‘could treat heart disease’

    Viagra could provide a treatment for heart disease, a study suggests. In trials, the impotency pill’s active ingredient improved the heart performance of patients with a range of conditions while having no adverse effect on blood pressure. Most...

  • Sugary drinks linked to ageing

    Sugary drinks linked to ageing

    Drinking sugary soft drinks may accelerate biological ageing as much as smoking, a study has found. The findings, from an analysis of thousands of DNA samples, suggested that sweet fizzy drinks had worse effects on health than merely promoting...