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  • Pumpkin flowers with ricotta, anchovies and burrata cheese

    Pumpkin flowers with ricotta, anchovies and burrata cheese

    Serves 4 Ingredients8 pumpkin flowers300g of ricotta30g of Parmesan cheese8 anchovy fillets1 onionSome mint leaves250g of burrata cheese (base)Extra virgin olive oilSalt and pepper Method Clean and slice the pumpkin. In a pan heat some extra...

  • The burger debate

    The burger debate

    Ed eats Just BurgerBall StreetPacevilleTel: 2704 1511 Food: 7/10Service: 7/10Ambience: 6/10Value: 6/10Overall: 6.5/10 Burgers are an unreasonably divisive food. They’re considered by many to be the little rubber stopper beneath the table leg that...

  • More Christmas bakes

    More Christmas bakes

    With supermarket shelves groaning under the weight of all those panettones, why would anyone be potty enough to make one themselves? Well, I must be potty because as I’ve not made one before, I decided to have a go. Having assembled strong plain...

  • Seabank Hotel among top 10 European resorts

    Seabank Hotel among top 10 European resorts

    The Seabank Resort and Spa in Mellieħa has been rated as one of the top 10 all-inclusive resorts in Europe. The 2014 Travellers’ Choice Trip-Advisor award is a recognition by Seabank guests who would have reviewed the hotel on their own initiative.

  • Time to enjoy some good things in life

    Time to enjoy some good things in life

    From hampers to a range of exclusive brands, Cleland & Souchet has the ideal gift for any occasion, especially during Christmas. Its flagship store in Portomaso has one floor dedicated to beautiful gifts for him, her and the home. Another floor...

  • Setting tone for festive season

    Setting tone for festive season

    Loft will be setting the tone for the festive season with mulled wine and other Christmas treats to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. With just two weeks left for Christmas, Loft is taking the struggle out of gift shopping with its Midnight...

  • Photographer captures images of grandmas and their food

    Photographer captures images of grandmas and their food

    Photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s grandmother Marisa fretted what about he would eat during a two-year global trip for his latest book so he reassured her there were other grandmothers like her who would cook for him. In Her Kitchen, Galimberti’s...

  • Secrets of the world’s top whisky

    Secrets of the world’s top whisky

    Nestled at the foot of wooded hills near the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto, the Yamazaki whisky distillery feels a long way from the northerly glens of Scotch’s spiritual home. Despite its unlikely birthplace, last month Yamazaki’s Single Malt...

  • Mushroom cappuccino

    Mushroom cappuccino

    Serves 2 Ingredients1 small onion, peeled and sliced1 small leek, peeled and sliced50g unsalted butter500g sliced button mushrooms1l chicken stock500ml fresh cream100g potatoes peeled and slicedSalt and pepper Method Sweat the onion and leek in...

  • Chicken teryaki

    Chicken teryaki

    Ingredients1 tbsp cornstarchSplash of cold water100g white sugar120ml soy sauce60ml cider vinegar1 garlic clove (minced)Pinch ground gingerPinch ground black pepper850g skinless chicken thighs Method In a medium-sized pan, sear the chicken from...

  • Chocolate salami

    Chocolate salami

    Ingredients180g thick biscuits80g butter80g sugar1 tbsp rum50g dark chocolate powder150g dark chocolateSmall container of fresh cream100g ground almonds100g roasted almonds and hazel nuts50g walnuts, broken50g pistachio Method Melt the chocolate...

  • Oysters on crushed tomato mash with coriander cheese sauce

    Oysters on crushed tomato mash with coriander cheese sauce

    Serves 4 Ingredients12 pieces fresh oysters150g new potatoes3 tbsps fresh cream3 tbsp olive oil3 tbsp coriander50g tomatoesSalt and pepper For the sauce2 egg yolks3 tbsp white wine100ml fresh cream50g Stilton cheese10g coriander leaves Method Boil...

  • Osso buco with risotto Milanese

    Osso buco with risotto Milanese

    Serves 4 Ingredients For the risotto:350g Carnaroli rice30ml extra virgin olive oil1 glass dry white wine80g butter120g grated Parmesan cheese1g saffron For the osso buco:1 celery stalk1 carrot1 onionSageRosemary4 ossobuco rear central1 glass dry...

  • The cheeky one

    The cheeky one

    Ed eats Caruso BistrotTriq il-KappellaSan ĠwannTel: 9994 7625 Food: 8/10Service: 7/10Ambience: 5/10Value: 7/10Overall: 7/10 Over the weekend I drove by a billboard that, in no uncertain terms, asked me to support local business by buying imported...

  • Best holiday baking

    Best holiday baking

    You love the idea of baking your own Christmas cake rather than buying one or relying on a panettone or two, but your heart sinks when you see a recipe with a list of ingredients as long as your arm. How about a recipe with just five...

  • Revamped look for Tal-Kaptan

    Revamped look for Tal-Kaptan

    Tal-Kaptan restaurants in Qawra and at the Valletta Waterfront have undergone a revamp and modernisation of the interior and brand. While retaining the nautical theme, the restaurants were renovated and given a new look and feel. The decor is now...

  • Festive exotic tea bags

    Festive exotic tea bags

    Yogi Tea has warm holiday notes and exotic spices, ideal to share with family and friends during this time of the year. The Yogi Tea Christmas collection, which contains 2x12 Yogi tea bags in a festive box, has been lovingly packed by a labour...

  • Matching food with wine

    Matching food with wine

    A number of gatherings, incidents and recent occasions prompted me to write this article. I cannot account for the many ‘great’ wines we ‘wasted’ this summer by serving them on the wrong occasion or with the wrong food or at the wrong...

  • Swedish Merlot anyone? Warmer world boosts Nordic tipples

    Swedish Merlot anyone? Warmer world boosts Nordic tipples

    On one of the world’s northernmost frontiers, grapevines are growing on hillsides and talk among some farmers is about terroir and aroma as global warming and new technology push the boundaries of wine growing. “Maybe a touch of raspberry?”...

  • New edition of Malta’s eating guide

    New edition of Malta’s eating guide

    Matthew Bugeja, Alexander Farrugia and Simon Falzon are the winners of The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants 2014 survey. The 15th edition of Malta’s Best Restaurants Awards, to be held on December 8 at the Radisson Blu Resort and Spa,...