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  • Crispy chilli pork

    Crispy chilli pork

    Ingredients150g pork40g green peppers25g cucumber20g chilli saucepinch of salt10g sugar5g soy sauce2 tsps tomato sauce2g ginger5g curry powder2 tsps vinegar1.5 litres vegetable oil50g cornflour50g flour Method Cut the pork into small strips. Mix...

  • Chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese and spinach

    Chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese and spinach

    Serves 2 Ingredients2 pieces chicken breast200g spinach leaves150g feta cheese8 thinly sliced Parma hamfreshly ground pepperfresh parsley, finely choppedfresh basil, finely chopped Method Open the chicken breast butterfly style. Mix the spinach...

  • A meal inside a postcard

    A meal inside a postcard

    Ed eats Scoglitti8, Triq il-LanċaMarsamxettTel: 2123 5548 Food: 8/10Service: 8/10Ambience: 9/10Value: 7/10Overall: 8/10 This column is meant to be somehow useful to diners who read the newspaper that so kindly hosts it. This was made quite clear...

  • Summer in the title

    Summer in the title

    In the expectation of a long spell of summer weather after a changeable few weeks, here are some recipe ideas with summer in the title, starting with some thirst-quenching drinks. Vino verano is a favourite in Spain, when it’s too hot to...

  • Benna cooking challenge at ITS

    Benna cooking challenge at ITS

    The Institute of Tourism Studies and the Malta Dairy Products recently joined forces to host the Benna Cooking challenge, a cooking competition using Benna products. It was open to final year students at ITS who are attending the Food Preparation...

  • Magnum appoints Ira Losco Malta’s brand ‘Mbassador’

    Magnum appoints Ira Losco Malta’s brand ‘Mbassador’

    Magnum is celebrating its 25th birthday locally by launching its very own Brand Mbassador, Ira Losco, who will promote the brand over the next two years. “Ira is an all-round performer with star qualities and this is why we’ve chosen her to be the...

  • New energy drink

    New energy drink

    Active Pro, a new drink just launched on the market, is a mixture of fruit flavour with taurine, caffeine, guarana and vitamin B complex to give an intense energy boost. Active Pro is ideal for sportsmen as it boosts concentration, metabolism and...

  • Supermarket offers tips for leftover meals

    Supermarket offers tips for leftover meals

    Sainsbury’s has linked up with Google to create a website that gives customers recipe ideas from a list of leftovers in a bid to cut food waste. The interactive Food Rescue tool allows users to input up to nine ingredients languishing in the...

  • Hollywood’s long-time power lunch hub closes its doors

    Hollywood’s long-time power lunch hub closes its doors

    The din of voices haggling over movies and pitching TV series, as familiar as the trademark meatloaf and grilled salmon, has disappeared from Kate Mantilini, the Beverly Hills restaurant whose booths had long been a mainstay of Hollywood’s power...

  • Father’s Day wine-buying tips

    Father’s Day wine-buying tips

    With Father’s Day only two days away, many people will be looking for a bottle of something special to treat ‘dad’ with; but choosing a bottle of wine as a gift may not be as straightforward as might seem. There are a number of points worth taking...

  • Mussels soup

    Mussels soup

    Ingredients500g fresh musselschopped leeks and garlic¼ cup white wine4 large ripe tomatoes¼ cup finely chopped mint and basilextra virgin olive oilsliced bread Method Clean shellfish, discarding any broken or open ones. Fill a heavy pan with water.

  • Thai spicy chicken salad

    Thai spicy chicken salad

    Ingredients1 chicken breast, cut into strips1½ tbsps fish sauce1 tsp chilli powder2 fresh chilli, thinly sliced2 tbsps lemon juice1½ shallots, thinly slicedHalf cup sweet peppers, choppedHalf cup mint leaves2 red onions, sliced1 lettuce, chopped2...

  • Strawberry flan

    Strawberry flan

    Ingredients400g strawberriestransparent glaze For 600ml pastry cream600ml milk; 100g sugar; vanilla;grated rind of lemon; 40g cornflour;two egg yolks For 800g sweet pastry300g margarine; 480g plain flour; one egg; 120g sugar; grated rind of a...

  • Taste of summer

    Summer in Malta is one long celebration of fire and water. At worst it’s work and road rage in soaring temperatures. At best it’s swim, slumber and feasts. Given the option, we live by the sea, fighting off the heat, and we eat. We wake to the...

  • Taste buddies

    Taste buddies

    Sarmenio Saliba, 28Post-doctoral research scientist, Switzerland What is your earliest memory of summer in Malta? The very first time I stepped on a boat and went fishing. As a small boy, that was probably one of my most exciting experiences, also...

  • Chinese beef with bamboo shoots and mushrooms

    Chinese beef with bamboo shoots and mushrooms

    Ingredients150g beef50g bamboo shoots50g mushrooms25g carrots25g green pepper25g onionsPinch of salt and sugar1 litre vegetable oilHalf a teaspoon sesame oil20g soaked cornflour Method Cut the beef into slices. Cut each mushroom into four pieces...

  • Red mullet with zucchini

    Red mullet with zucchini

    Serves 4 Ingredients8 fillets of red mullet2 tbsps flour2-3 tbsps of olive oil250g zucchini1 onionHalf a lemonSalt and pepper Method Fillet four mullets or ask the fishmonger to fillet them for you. Place two or three tablespoons of extra virgin...

  • The importance of being earnest

    The importance of being earnest

    Ed eats Times Gone By14, Sliema Road,GżiraTel 9922 4200 Food: 6/10Service: 9/10Ambience: 5/10Value: 8/10Overall: 7/10 This week is a special one for a certain class of geek. Apple announced their software plans for the year and a big event in...

  • More love and quiches

    More love and quiches

    I was looking for a recipe the other day and found it was included in an article titled ‘Love and quiches’ I’d written nearly 10 years ago. I was flabbergasted because if you had asked me, I’d have said I only wrote it a few years ago. Well, they...

  • The famed Bordeaux 2004

    The famed Bordeaux 2004

    The reputation and fame of the Bordeaux 2004 vintage seems to have a life of its own. Stuck in- between the very atypical hot vintage of 2003 and the dream vintage of 2005, the wines of 2004 had to struggle to gain the attention they so truly...


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