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  • An evening with Speri wines

    An evening with Speri wines

      CassarCamilleri will be hosting a wine and culinary experience on Thursdayat Zeri’s restaurant in Portomaso. Patrons will have the opportunity to indulge in wines from the Italian winery Speri alongside an array of dishes tailor made to match...

  • Roulade of Parma ham with feta cheese

    Roulade of Parma ham with feta cheese

    Ingredients2 slices Parma ham For the mixture:25g feta cheese25g mascarpone¼ avocado5g pine nuts, roasted5g coriander15 tomatoes, diced For the dressing:50ml olive oil15g black olives, diced10ml lemon juice15g coriander, parsley and basil For the...

  • Spaghetti with anchovies

    Spaghetti with anchovies

    Serves 4 Ingredients350g spaghetti100g butter cream10 anchoviesParsleySaltBreadcrumbsExtra virgin olive oilChiliClove of garlic Method Boil some salted water and cook the pasta until al dente. In a non-stick pan pour a drizzle of olive oil, add...

  • It’s coming home

    It’s coming home

    Ed eats Extra TimeMain Street,MostaTel: 2141 2167 Food: 6/10Service: 8/10Ambience: 6/10Value: 6/10Overall: 6.5/10 I’ve never been keen on sport. When children my age were playing football in the streets, I was busy blowing things up. There’s...

  • In praise of the humble spud

    In praise of the humble spud

    As the author of Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne, once said: “If a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.” I quite agree! Be it ever so humble, one of the world’s most widely used vegetables is a real superfood.

  • When music beautifully complements your meal

    When music beautifully complements your meal

    I have a thing about restaurants where they insist on playing loud music, loud enough to drown out any decent conversation. I absolutely loathe it. I am the sort who thinks that food is best accompanied by good wine and good conversation. Sadly,...

  • New food culture

    New food culture

    A seminar on food safety issues and healthy and sustainable lifestyles, entitled ‘A new food culture: Towards Expo Milano 2015’, was held at the Italian Cultural Institute in Valletta. Organised by the Italian embassy and the Italian Cultural...

  • Chocolate masterclass competition

    Chocolate masterclass competition

    World class master chef Marc Pauquet hosted a five-hour chocolate-making demonstration at the Hotel Excelsior, Floriana. He was in Malta at the invitation of Worldwide Import & Export Ltd. Pauquet demonstrated his skills and gave participants...

  • British pub tenants will have free choice of beer

    British pub tenants will have free choice of beer

    British lawmakers voted to give people who lease pubs from big companies more freedom about where they buy their beer, overturning government plans for industry reforms. Almost half of Britain’s 50,000 pubs are run by tenants under ‘beer-tie’...

  • EU to tell Japan: open up to our beer

    EU to tell Japan: open up to our beer

    Japan needs to open up its beer market to European exports if Tokyo and Brussels are to agree one of the world’s biggest free trade deals next year, according to an EU document prepared for the next round of talks in December. Japan and the EU are...

  • Battered by falling prices, Kenya’s tea farmers threaten to uproot

    Battered by falling prices, Kenya’s tea farmers threaten to uproot

    Emerald-coloured tea bushes blanketing the rolling hills of Nandi County have long provided a livelihood for small-scale farmers, helping make Kenya one of the world’s biggest tea exporters. But ideal weather and bigger harvests, instead of...

  • 2014 vintage wine varietals released

    Six wines from the 2014 vintage from Delicata’s popular, award-winning range of Malta-grown quality wines, Medina, were bottled and released last week. This will be particularly welcome news not only to those wine enthusiasts who like their wine...

  • ‘Indestructible’ wine suitcase launched

    ‘Indestructible’ wine suitcase launched

    A ‘virtually indestructible’ suitcase, which will help wine lovers bring their newly-purchased wine bottles home from their travels safe and sound, has been launched on the market. Costing around €190, the VinGardeValise is a rolling hard-shell...

  • Marinated rabbit

    Marinated rabbit

    Ingredients For marinating the rabbitRabbit shoulders and legs, boned4 cloves garlic350ml white wineRosemaryHerbal oil350ml white winePeppercorns For the peas puree1 tin peasSalt and pepperPinch of nutmeg For cooking the rabbit100ml oil250g...

  • Creamy linguini with shrimps and mushrooms

    Creamy linguini with shrimps and mushrooms

    Serves 4 Ingredients400g linguini150g butter300g fresh mushrooms, sliced2 cloves garlic, chopped finely100g cream cheeseParsley, choppedBasil, chopped1 shot brandy50g fresh cream50g shrimp bisque300g raw fresh shrimps Method Bring a large pot with...

  • Marmurat tart

    Marmurat tart

    Ingredients800g sweet shortcrust pastry150g ground almonds150g cake crumbs or digestive biscuits120g candied peel100g blanched almonds100g sugar80g chocolate chips25g cocoa powder2 eggs2 tbsps jamVanilla essenceFor decorationMelted chocolateRoyal...

  • Lobster quiche

    Lobster quiche

    Ingredients3 eggs1 tbsp butter80g lobster meat25g cheddar cheese1 small onion, chopped1 garlic clove1 tsp parsley, chopped1 tsp mustardSalt and pepper Method Preheat the oven to 250°C. Finely chop the onions and sauté in a little butter. Once...

  • Avocado fondue

    Avocado fondue

    Serves 2 Ingredients50g onions, chopped10g butter150g cooked prawns1 avocado, mashed2 tbsps lemon juice1 cup fresh cream50g Parmesan cheese1 tot brandySliced brown breadSalt and pepper Method Melt the butter in a fondue pot. Add the onion and...

  • Recollections of the past

    Recollections of the past

    Ed eats Vino Veritas59, Dingli StreetSliemaTel: 2132 4273 Food: 6/10Service: 7/10Ambience: 7/10Value: 6/10Overall: 6/10 If you’ve read this column before, you’ll have noticed that I’m not here to pass value judgement about anything, least of all...

  • More one-pot wonders

    More one-pot wonders

    Much as I enjoy eating elegantly plated food in restaurants, and, indeed, serving such dishes to my friends, occasionally there is nothing more enjoyable and heart-warming than to place a large steaming dish of fragrant, appetising food in the...


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