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  • Teatime treats

    Teatime treats

    Blackcurrant and Cream Cheese Tart Ingredients 4 ounces (115g) full fat cream cheese, at room temperature 1/2 cup (100g) granulated white sugar2 large eggs, at room temperature2/3 cup (160ml) cream1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract1 teaspoon grated...

  • Anticipation for Gran Cavalier Sauvignon Blanc

    Anticipation for Gran Cavalier Sauvignon Blanc

    Anticipation is heightening for the market release of Delicata’s Gran Cavalier Sauvignon Blanc DOK Malta of the latest 2016 vintage . This quality wine has found a steady following locally by lovers of aromatic white wines and become sought-after...

  • A foodie frenzy in Seattle

    A foodie frenzy in Seattle

    For foodies with just 24 hours in Seattle, there’s only one place to start – the Pike Place Market. Except that it’s a Sunday, the place is absolutely heaving and we are so hungry that delirium is setting in. The hubby wants to succumb to a...

  • Go with the Pho

    Go with the Pho

    House of HoElia Zammit StreetPacevilleTel: 9962 9871 Food: 8/10Service: 8/10Ambience: 8/10Value: 8/10Overall: 8/10 My horoscope for the week said that I would find pleasure in un­expected places. This makes me a little nervous. What if every other...

  • Limited edition commemorative wine launched

    Limited edition commemorative wine launched

    The Valletta 2018 Foundation and Marsovin Winery have launched the first edition of the Valletta 2018 commemorative wine at Blitz Gallery. The creation of this wine collection followed suit after the foundation partnered up with Marsovin to...

  • A different take on lamb

    A different take on lamb

    Persian Spiced Lamb with dried cranberries, pistachios and almonds In a dry, non-stick pan toast cinnamon (half a stick), two green and one black cardamom pods, 5g cumin seeds and 3g cloves. Keep toasting until the spices are aromatic and release...

  • BFree wins top Best Free From Food prize

    BFree wins top Best Free From Food prize

    Team BFree are celebrating after a successful night in London at the Free From Food Awards. As well as winning gold for their pitta breads, BFree also took home the top prize, the FAIR trophy for the Best Free From Food 2016 (affectionately known...

  • Backing a sure thing

    Backing a sure thing

    One80Triq il-Wied ta’ Ruman,Mellieħa Food: 8/10Service: 9/10Ambience: 10/10Value: 7/10Overall: 9/10 Save me a place because I’m coming back! I was standing on the terrace at one80, aperitif in hand, menu on lap, and already I was enjoying myself.

  • Spring recipes

    Spring recipes

    Broad Bean and Avocado Salad with Poached Egg Serves 4 Ingredients 200g peeled fresh broad beans (even peeled from the inner skin) 8 pieces jumbo green asparagus (woody part trimmed) 1pc peeled avocado 1pc avocado 1tbsp finely chopped parsley...

  • Michelin-starred chef at Ta’ Frenċ

    Michelin-starred chef at Ta’ Frenċ

    A special dinner at Ta’ Frenċ hosted Michelin-starred chef Giuseppe D’Aquino – from Villa Cordevigo, the stunning ‘wine relais’ northwest of Verona – who was accompanied by some of his brigade. Under executive chef Mario Schembri, restaurant...

  • Wine’s balance can make it memorable

    Wine contains many different natural components but the hedonistic quality of a wine is not dependent on their quantities or measurements only. For example, it does not mean that if a wine contains more or less grape tannins than another, it’s per...

  • Vinum magazine features Delicata’s Syrah

    Delicata’s Gran Cavalier Syrah, 2015, DOK Malta was selected by Vinum as one of the magazine’s hot wine picks of the month of March. This international acclaim follows hot on the heels of the wine’s release for sale in Germany, where it retails...

  • A healthy obsession

    A healthy obsession

    Fat Louie’sPaceville RoadSt Julian’sTel: 2745 4582 Food: 9/10Service: 7/10Ambience: 7/10Value: 8/10Overall: 8/10 There’s a snack bar about 50 metres away from my office. I never, ever eat there. Colleagues have asked why I go through the trouble...

  • Irish lamb tasting event

    Irish lamb tasting event

    AppleCore Foods held a Meat Academy Event, the second event of its type where clients were invited to an evening of Irish lamb tasting, prepared and cooked by chef Christopher Gherxi. Nicolas Ranninger, market manager for Italy, Switzerland and...

  • Spring flavours

    Spring flavours

    Spring Mussel & Prawn Acquacotta 4 generous servings 80ml olive oil100g celery, cut into small cubes120g leek, diced½ fennel bulb, finely sliced2 zucchini, green part only diced1 onion, finely chopped2 garlic cloves, finely choppedBunch spinach,...

  • What to eat in spring

    What to eat in spring

    The best allergy prevention is to use nature to assist in treating our ailments. We all have toxins in our body regardless of how healthy we are. Spring is the time to flush out toxins by eating a lot of greens that are in season. Most of the...

  • Keen for a Kebab

    Keen for a Kebab

    Pet’s Plates Posh KebabPama Shopping VillageTel 2349 6000 Food: 6/10  Location: 5/10Service: 5/10Value: 7/10Overall: 6/10 In post-World War II Europe, Turkish immigrant workers brought the kebab to West Berlin. From there, the concept of the kebab...

  • Our wine’s niceties and its scarcities

    Our wine’s niceties and its scarcities

    Once a winemaker found himself in the awkward position of being reproved while dining out by the chef- patron because his winery had run out of stock of one of the bestselling wines on the restaurant’s carefully curated list. To this, the...

  • Soul fishing

    Soul fishing

    Ed eats From our Sea + fish4tomorrowLocation varies As you can tell from the unusual bit up top, today’s column doesn’t faithfully follow my usual path. It does not cover a specific restaurant that’s at a fixed (or...

  • In celebration of spring

    In celebration of spring

    Foodies in Malta are in for a gastronomic treat later this month, with the launch of the Mediterranean Culinary Academy’s pop-up dining concept, Pollen. This first-in-a-series event will take place over three evenings on March 30 and 31 and April 1.