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  • What to eat in spring

    What to eat in spring

    The best allergy prevention is to use nature to assist in treating our ailments. We all have toxins in our body regardless of how healthy we are. Spring is the time to flush out toxins by eating a lot of greens that are in season. Most of the...

  • Keen for a Kebab

    Keen for a Kebab

    Pet’s Plates Posh KebabPama Shopping VillageTel 2349 6000 Food: 6/10  Location: 5/10Service: 5/10Value: 7/10Overall: 6/10 In post-World War II Europe, Turkish immigrant workers brought the kebab to West Berlin. From there, the concept of the kebab...

  • Our wine’s niceties and its scarcities

    Our wine’s niceties and its scarcities

    Once a winemaker found himself in the awkward position of being reproved while dining out by the chef- patron because his winery had run out of stock of one of the bestselling wines on the restaurant’s carefully curated list. To this, the...

  • Soul fishing

    Soul fishing

    Ed eats From our Sea + fish4tomorrowLocation varies As you can tell from the unusual bit up top, today’s column doesn’t faithfully follow my usual path. It does not cover a specific restaurant that’s at a fixed (or...

  • In celebration of spring

    In celebration of spring

    Foodies in Malta are in for a gastronomic treat later this month, with the launch of the Mediterranean Culinary Academy’s pop-up dining concept, Pollen. This first-in-a-series event will take place over three evenings on March 30 and 31 and April 1.

  • Enjoy Blue Label draught in a can

    Enjoy Blue Label draught in a can

    The renowned Blue Label Smooth & Creamy has just been launched in a 44cl can, allowing loyal drinkers to enjoy this special ale from the comfort of their own home. This is possible through an inbuilt widget technology that releases just the right...

  • Afternoon tea at St George’s Bay

    Afternoon tea at St George’s Bay

    Served daily in the lobby with breathtaking views of St George’s Bay, Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay’s famous afternoon tea upholds the culinary tradition with real flair. The hotel remains faithful to the classic combination of delectable finger...

  • US Catholics allowed corned beef today

    US Catholics allowed  corned beef today

    In recent weeks, the US meat industry has found itself wrestling with a culinary conundrum: Would American Roman Catholics be able to eat corned beef this St Patrick’s Day? Traditionally in the US, the feast of St Patrick calls for a family meal...

  • Cooking with millet

    Cooking with millet

    I made a few recipes last week on TV with millet, which is one of my favourite gluten-free foods. The grain-like seeds originated in Africa and have been eaten since prehistoric times. They are a pale yellow colour and have an earthy taste. You...

  • Asian pub grub

    Asian pub grub

    Pet’s Plates Kuya Asian Pub2,Triq Ross, St Julian’sTel 2713 6517 Food: 7/10  Location: 5/10Service: 6/10Value: 7/10Overall: 7/10 I couldn’t find this place at first. I walked up and down the road before, finally, spotting this pub’s very...

  • Maltese sausage and wine feasts

    Maltese sausage and wine feasts

    The zalzett tal-Malti, the traditional fresh Maltese sausage, made from ground pork, sea salt, crushed black peppercorns and coriander seeds, garlic and sometimes parsley, is staple diet in Malta and Gozo. Regardless of the method of preparation,...

  • Weekend baking

    Weekend baking

    Most of us balance family life with a full time job and tedious hours spent in traffic jams. Weekend baking is relaxing and these quick recipes use ingredients with a long shelf life from a well-stocked kitchen cupboard. Homemade bakes have a...

  • You can’t please everyone

    You can’t please everyone

    Ed Eats Marsaxlokk Waterpolo ClubTriq it-Trunciera,MarsaxlokkTel 7979 2257 Food: 4/10  Service: 5/10Ambience: 6/10Value: 4/10Overall: 5/10 Growing up in Malta has equipped me to take contradictions in my stride. Whenever there is an apparently...

  • Magro Brothers' product wins award in Dubai

    Magro Brothers' product wins award in Dubai

    A product produced by Magro Brothers has won an award at the Gulfood Innovation Awards in Dubai. Pinto's Pride Spoon Stock won the Best Condiment or Sauce category at the awards, which form part of the Gulfood Exhibition. Gulfood is the world's...

  • Nutrient-dense smoothie bowls

    Nutrient-dense smoothie bowls

    Smoothie bowls are a big craze that started on Instagram with photos of the prettiest recipes that can possibly be created. They are eaten with a spoon to replace a light meal and provide a healthy food source that is quick to prepare. As there is...

  • Sizzling authentic Indian food

    Sizzling authentic Indian food

    Pet’s Plates Sa Re Ga MaFortina HotelSliema Food: 8/10  Location: 5/10Service: 8/10Value: 7/10Overall: 8/10 It is hardly the Caribbean. The Indian Restaurant, Sa Re Ga Ma, is located in the Fortina Hotel’s Tropical Garden. What we found ourselves...

  • Maltese heroism in a bottle

    Maltese heroism in a bottle

    The adjective ‘heroic’ has, of course, been used before in the world of wine, namely to describe the efforts of vignerons and winemakers that work in steep, precipitous places inhospitable to man. Malta may not qualify as a mountainous island. But...

  • What to eat in February

    What to eat in February

    February is the time when winter starts to become spring. These recipes feature in-season ingre­dients and some carnival treats. Nettle leaves are young and tender this month, and as we approach the summer the leaves toughen up, so now is the time...

  • Forever thus to tourists

    Forever thus to tourists

    Ed eats The Stone CrabXatt ix-XlendiXlendiTel 2155 6400 Food: 5/10  Service: 7/10Ambience: 8/10Value: 7/10Overall: 7/10 Travel really helps to define us as individuals. It tends to bring out the best or the worst in people. Taken out of our daily...

  • Vienna cafe introduces fee for charging phones, tablets

    Vienna cafe introduces fee for charging phones, tablets

    Grumpy waiter service is as traditional as apple strudel in Vienna, but a cafe in one of the city's most recognisable landmarks has caused disquiet with what seems to be an Austrian first: charging customers for charging their phones. Tired of...