• Falcon with red feet

    Falcon with red feet

    The red-footed falcon is an interesting bird of prey. It is a scarce spring migrant but rare in autumn; the difference in numbers is due to its unusual migratory pattern. The red-footed falcon is an eastern species with a stronghold in Asia and a...

  • Chimps have mental skills to cook

    They are not likely to start barbecuing in the rainforest, but chimpanzees can understand the concept of cooking and are willing to postpone eating raw food, even carrying food some distance to cook it rather than eat immediately, scientists...

  • UN climate deal in Paris ‘a graveyard for 2˚C goal’

    UN climate deal in Paris ‘a graveyard for 2˚C goal’

    The UN’s Paris climate conference, designed to reach a plan for curbing global warming, may instead become the graveyard for its defining goal: to stop temperatures rising more than 2˚C above pre-industrial levels. Achieving the 2˚C target has...

  • Cheaper green energy programme seeks backing

    A plan for a new global research programme aimed at driving down the costs of renewable energy more quickly has drawn serious interest from the world’s leading economies, its proponents say. The Global Apollo Programme would be an internationally...

  • Three whales die in Skye stranding

    Three whales die in Skye stranding

    Three whales have died and 10 others are stranded off the Isle of Skye. The whales became stuck on rocks on Staffin Island off the northern coast earlier today. A team from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) is tending to the stranded...

  • Pinwheel galaxy

    Pinwheel galaxy

    Shaped like a pinwheel due to its anticlockwise rotation over many millions of years, the Pinwheel galaxy is an enormous collection of stars nearly twice the size of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. It is also known as M101, being one of the last...

  • Valuing biodiversity

    Valuing biodiversity

    In order to safeguard typical Maltese natural environments that can host rich biodiversity, everyone must be more conscious about the important roles played by the diversity of plants and animals found anywhere on these islands. Appreciation...

  • Never-ending ODZ ping pong

    Never-ending ODZ ping pong

    In recent weeks, Outside Development Zones have risen in status, from a obscure notion in the minds of many to a preferred cannonball for some politicians. Those who have been ranting for years about the need to preserve Malta’s remaining ODZ...

  • More encroachment

    More encroachment

    A 100-apartment extension to the Ramla Bay Hotel in Marfa has been proposed; if approved, this would further encroach on public land and foreshore and on a coastal tower buffer zone.

  • Young reporters’ best entries

    Young reporters’ best entries

    The best local entries in each category of the Young Reporters for the Environment programme have been selected and forwarded to the Foundation for Environment Education in Denmark where they will be competing with entries submitted from 28...

  • Ladybird benefits

    Ladybird benefits

    The seven-ladybird (nannakola tas-seba’ tikek in Maltese) is the most common ladybird in Europe. In Malta it is a well-known insect but it is not so common. Elderly people say that when they were young, it was much more common than it is today,...

  • Fears of koala cull in crowded Australian colony

    An overcrowded colony of about 1,000 koalas in Australia is being assessed this week for possible ill health in a survey that could lead to a cull, raising objections from animal welfare lobbyists. The Victorian state government is concerned many...

  • Plea for global goal on emissions

    Plea for global goal on emissions

    Countries must set a global goal to slash carbon emissions to unlock more than €42 trillion needed in energy investments to tackle climate change, a report has urged. The World Energy Council study, which draws on insights of more than 2,500...

  • Flooding chaos follows US storms

    Flooding chaos follows US storms

    A line of storms stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes has dumped record rainfall on parts of the US Plains and Midwest, causing major flooding that forced at least 2,000 Texans from their homes. Three deaths were blamed on the...

  • Gunning down silence at Il-Busbesija

    Gunning down silence at Il-Busbesija

    Grain fields at il-Busbesija heights, not far from the Mġarr-Mosta roundabout, are at present full of yellow stubble as farmers wonder whether they should risk planting next year’s crop. These golden fields are now the target for a plan to build a...

  • Antarctic sheet is thinning

    Antarctic sheet is thinning

    Glaciers in part of Antarctica have started to thaw fast, adding to a sea level rise that threatens coasts and cities from New York to Shanghai, a team of scientists said in a study. Another expert in the field, however, immediately cast doubt on...

  • Not just whale food

    Not just whale food

    Scientists have unveiled the most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken of the world’s ocean plankton, the tiny organisms that serve as food for marine creatures such as the blue whale, but also provide half the oxygen we breathe. The researchers...

  • Dog domestication dates revised

    Dog domestication dates revised

    Domestic dogs may have a pedigree that dates back almost 40,000 years to when modern humans started colonising Europe and Asia, new research has shown. Previous studies have indicated that the ancestors of modern-day dogs diverged from wolves no...

  • Auction winner kills rare rhino

    A Texan who bid $350,000 to hunt a black rhinoceros in Africa in what was billed as a conservation fundraiser has killed one of the endangered animals, a Dallas Safari Club official has said. Corey Knowlton, of Dallas, shot a black rhino in...

  • Not all weed is bad for the local environment

    Not all weed is bad for the local environment

    A weed is a plant that grows where it is not wanted. The same concept applies to pests and to dirt which has been described as matter out of place. For a farmer, any plant that grows in sufficient quantities to compete with his crops is a weed.