• Foundation awards bursary

    Foundation awards bursary

    Derek Vella (second from left) of the Alfred Mizzi Foundation presented a €1,000 bursary to Kevin Apap to support his participation in the MA in Mediterranean Studies run by the University’s Faculty of Arts. Prior to enrolling on the course, Apap,...

  • Youths and Paceville

    Youths and Paceville

    What contributes to underage youths going to Paceville clubs? There is currently a spike in the ‘drink to have fun’ culture. Youths are searching for alcohol, and establishments that sell it, to hang out and have fun. Restrictions that rightly...

  • Mcast hosts 33Sixty event

    Mcast hosts 33Sixty event

    Young people aged between 18 and 25 from Commonwealth coun­tries, including students at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, last week took part in a Common Purpose 33Sixty event hosted at the Mcast campus and other local venues. The...

  • Migration summit

    Migration summit

    What do you think of the current migration situation in Malta? Malta has not been receiving many Syrian migrants compared to other EU countries but it still has a high number of migrants for its population. Detention centre measures are increasing...

  • Humanities annual seminar

    This year’s annual ‘Engaging the contemporary: philosophy, literature and education’ seminar will be held on Friday at 8.30am by the University’s Philosophy, English and Education Studies departments at the KSU Common Room on the Msida campus. The...

  • Health and safety teaching resources made available

    Health and safety teaching resources made available

    Technology-based educational resources to explain health and safety concepts to pupils aged between seven and 11 have been made available to teachers. The resources include a six-lesson plan on topics and scenarios that schoolchildren may come...

  • Symposium to showcase biology students’ research

    Symposium to showcase biology students’ research

    Findings from research projects undertaken by undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University’s Department of Biology will be showcased at this year’s Biology Symposium on Saturday in John Borg Science lecture theatre at the Msida campus.

  • Pastoral formation institute graduation

    Pastoral formation institute graduation

    The Pastoral Formation Institute held a graduation ceremony at the Archbishop’s Seminary, Tal-Virtù, Rabat, for 167 people who completed one of 16 courses held by the institute and other Church entities during the last academic year. It was...

  • University to join Alice experiment at Cern

    The University of Malta is becoming an associate member of the Alice experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) in Geneva, Switzerland. The LHC is a 27km-long circular collider that...

  • Project aims to promote game-based learning to tackle early school leaving

    Project aims to promote game-based learning to tackle early school leaving

    Malta is involved in an Erasmus­plus project aimed at bridging the gap between digital com­petencies and early school leavers, en­hancing the latter’s interest and motivation in the subject matter and reducing the risk of early school leaving. The...

  • Distinguished Russian visitor

    Distinguished Russian visitor

    Nikolay Nikolaevich Sysoev, dean of the Faculty of Physics at M.V. Lomonosev Moscow State University, was in Malta to meet the University of Malta’s Physics Department, Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy and faculties of engineering,...

  • Youths and healthy sex

    Youths and healthy sex

    What do you think about sexual health education in Malta? Sexual health education in Malta is very basic. At school it was more about sex from a biological perspective and protecting ourselves from sexually transmitted infections. We did not...

  • Mcast lecture in Germany

    Mcast senior lecturer Brian Azzo­pardi gave a lecture entitled ‘Or­ganic solar cells electricity: Will it be the preferred low-cost form of solar electricity?’ at the Mat­Hero PhD School in Germany’s Black Forest region. It dealt with a series of...

  • MA in Ageing, Dementia Studies

    A Master of Arts in Ageing and Dementia Studies will be offered by the new Department of Gerontology at the University’s Faculty for Social Wellbeing from February 2016. The postgraduate degree is unique as it focuses on the interface between...

  • Seminar on interpreting at the Commission

    Seminar on interpreting at the Commission

    A seminar on working as a European Commission interpreter will be addressed by Carlos Hoyos on Tuesday from 11am to 1pm at the University’s Old Humanities hall 122. It is organised by the University’s Department of Translation, Terminology and...

  • School visit to Sicily

    School visit to Sicily

    Forty senior school students from St Catherine’s High School, Pembroke, accompanied by five teachers, spent a day touring various locations in Sicily including Mount Etna and Taormina.

  • Creative arts collaboration

    Creative arts collaboration

    The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology and Fondazzjoni Ċentru għall-Kreat­tività have agreed to collaborate to enable students studying various disci­plines at Mcast to participate in the foundation’s activities and creative projects.

  • Words to define life in 2015

    Words to define life in 2015

    A dramatic change in the way we watch television has led to “binge-watch” being named the Collins Word of the Year 2015. Lexicographers – the people who compile dictionaries – have seen a 200 per cent increase in its usage on last year as viewers...

  • High response to ELT Malta Conference

    A total of 350 English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals working in private language schools and the mainstream educational sector, attended the fourth edition of the annual ELT Malta Conference organised by the English Language Teaching...

  • Promoting research and development

    Promoting research and development

    How important is R and D to academic life and job oppor­tunities in the field of science? R and D is very important to academic life and employment. It is a great driving force for many people studying in the scientific field. Rebecca Spiteri, 3rd...