• Meaning business

    Meaning business

    Don’t believe anyone who says that appearances don’t matter – that’s a sugar-coated lie if ever there was one. Mind you, they’re not everything. However, they are important for pleasure and for work. You still don’t agree? Well, what would your...

  • Unlocking value and ROI through e-business

    Over the past three years, Laferla Insurance has been investing heavily in its e-business platform so as to establish itself as a market leader in the online provisioning of insurance products. The declining effectiveness of mass advertising and...

  • All in the family

    All in the family

    Despite the fact that a large number of local businesses are family-owned, very few actually embark on a formalised and structured process of succession planning. Mario Duca offers some valuable insight to Veronica Stivala. It is estimated...

  • Extended opening hours

    Calamatta Cuschieri has just announced extended opening hours for its offices in Valletta and Qormi. The new opening hours for customer care and the trading desk are Monday to Friday from 8.30am till 7.30pm and on Saturday from 9am till 1pm.

  • A collective effort

    A collective effort

    In a recent episode of South Park, the boys try their hand at crowdfunding. Their plan is simple: set up a new company with a catchy name and do nothing, except watch the money roll in. “There’s more to starting a company than just a catchy name,”...

  • In richness and in wealth

    In richness and in wealth

    Being the CEO of Microsoft translates into a lot of column inches. In recent days, two metaphorical inches got plenty of editorial highlights for Satya Nadella. The first was when Nadella, the Indian-American executive who took over as Microsoft...

  • Qualified training in EU aviation security standards

    Qualified training in EU aviation security standards

    Maltese companies which previously sought to train their key security personnel and have them qualified in aviation security encountered difficulties in finding trainers and many times had to resort to foreign trainers. G4S Malta is now positioned...

  • Going direct

    Going direct

    Paying bills is already, by its very own nature, not something we look forward to. Add to it the bother of sending cheques by mail, having to go to your service providers’ office to pay them directly, or waiting behind a long and winding queue at...

  • Looking good

    Looking good

    They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And it is: finding someone attractive is a very subjective experience and depends on your singular and individual tastes. The same applies to many other things in life, from travel and food to...

  • Power to the paying people

    Power to the paying people

    The plot was simple enough: put Breaking Bad dolls on Toys R Us shelves and sell them. Yet true to the nature of AMC’s hit series, the plot could only twist and turn and end badly. In fact, as a reaction to the action figures, a Florida mother...

  • Fill up on green

    Fill up on green

    Around 15 per cent of licenced cars on local roads are commercial vehicles. What is their burden on local roads, in terms of usage, pollution and congestion? Unfortunately there is no data or studies that have over the years computed the overall...

  • Growing global

    Growing global

    Fimbank recently inaugurated its branch in Greece. What services will the Athens branch be offering? Fimbank’s Athens branch will be providing a comprehensive range of trade finance, forfeiting, factoring and banking solutions, targeting corporate...

  • An online challenge

    An online challenge

    When buying online, Maltese prefer to buy from foreign merchants rather than Maltese ones. The Malta Communications Authority has launched the National eCommerce Strategy to support the take-up of eCommerce and the provision of eCommerce-related...

  • Coffee with the business ladies

    Coffee with the business ladies

    Sitting down for a cup of coffee and chatting to a friend seems quite the normal thing to do. However, during these chats, most women rarely steer the conversation towards business matters, seeming to prefer sharing information about their...

  • The Maltese bank for SMEs

    The Maltese bank for SMEs

    Bank of Valletta has built a reputation for being the local bank close to the business community, striving not only to meet its customers’ expectations, but as much as possible to anticipate them. Flexibility underpinned by responsible and...

  • Corporate Social Responsibilities

    Corporate Social Responsibilities

    HSBC UK Contact Centre (HBEU) has raised €17,312 from staff donations for a range of charities and community projects in the first six months of 2014. Staff contributed in a variety of ways to support the missions of Ursuline Sisters Creche, The...

  • A key asset

    A key asset

    In human resources, sourcing and identifying the perfect candidate to match a particular job is one of the most challenging and important tasks. Recruitment agencies enable employers to manage the costs and risks involved, reducing the hassle of...

  • Strengthening your potential

    Learning never stops. If you want to remain an expert at what you do, you need to keep yourself abreast with the developments in the industry. Only then can your career move forward. “Courses and further training that lead to accreditations are a...

  • Developing a learning organisation

    Developing a learning organisation

    From your experience, do local employers acknowledge the importance of training and invest accordingly? Training and development should always be seen as an investment rather than a cost. No business should be run purely with an accountant’s...

  • The sustainable school in Bali

    The sustainable school in Bali

    Maria Farrugia works at Green School in Bali, which is pioneering a new model of learning that connects sustainability lessons from nature with experiential education. Melanie Vella listens to nature. Another continent, another ocean.