• Charities: the jewel in our crown

    Charities: the jewel in our crown

    In a few weeks’ time various charities will be appealing to the Maltese people for support to help them overcome the big financial challenges they face in their quest to promote their causes. The leaders of these charities often remark that the...

  • Putting job creation first

    The levels of employment and unemployment are of great interest not only at budget time. They are a main indicator of the well-being or otherwise of the economy, with great social ramifications. Unemployment breeds poverty and misery, especially...

  • Can a vertical agreement be restrictive?

    Can a vertical agreement be restrictive?

    In competition law, agreements between different suppliers on the market fall mainly into two categories: vertical agreements are concluded between traders at different levels of the supply chain such as those between a manufacturer and a retailer.

  • Challenges of agriculture in Gozo

    Challenges of agriculture in Gozo

    In many ways, farmers in Gozo face the same challenges as farmers in Malta but the problem of double insularity causes added stress and financial cost. In fact, double insularity affects the movement of people, cost of imports and exports, and...

  • Strengthening Malta’s competitiveness

    Strengthening Malta’s competitiveness

    In today’s dynamic world, competition in all sectors and at all levels is tough, and inevitably, will be more so in the future. For a competitive Malta to survive, it must essentially be able to produce goods and services that not only meet the...

  • Ferguson’s formula: dictatorship

    Ferguson’s formula: dictatorship

    When one of the most successful football managers of modern football teams up with Harvard Business School to develop a case study about his leadership style and methods, I think it is worth taking note. For the record, and taking nothing away...

  • The month of the dead: Mulling our mortality

    The month of the dead: Mulling our mortality

    November brings mixed feelings in most of us. It signifies that Christmas is just round the corner. Businesses look forward to boosting their sales as consumers put financial stress behind them, and spend as much as they can afford to celebrate...

  • An alternative to agritourism

    Perhaps no other public institution has been as discussed, criticised and even reviled as the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (Mepa). Set up almost 20 years ago it ended up being swatted away by some of the very people who had come up...

  • Limitations imposed on patent rights

    Limitations imposed on patent rights

    Intellectual property right owners cannot be overzealous in protecting their rights by refusing their competitors access to such rights. Such a refusal can even in certain specific circumstances be considered as being illegal and in breach of...

  • Flexicurity for improved employability

    In order to maintain the quality of life many of us enjoy today, our economy needs to maintain a steady pace of growth. To achieve growth, we need coherent strategies and policy measures designed to make us more competitive. More specifically, we...

  • New EU regulation on food hygiene controls: a new tax?

    New EU regulation on food hygiene controls: a new tax?

    The cost of official food inspection controls could be borne by restaurateurs and catering food operators, if a proposal tabled by the European Commission for a revision of the regulation on official controls in the food chain is approved.

  • A portrait of a gridlocked island

    A portrait of a gridlocked island

    Why is it that every time we have a small downpour early in the morning thousands of workers turn up for work late? This question is relevant as it is not only causing road rage among drivers but is also affecting our economy in a most negative way.

  • Lasting need for more revenue

    Lasting need for more revenue

    The state of public finances will not get off the political agenda for quite a few years to come. The problems that have to be tackled are awesome and political talk of mastering them in the early medium term is another exercise in giving hostages...

  • Flexibility in public procurement

    Public procurement is the acquisition of goods, services, and works by a public authority or body. Constituting one of the main expenditures of government, the importance of public procurement cannot be denied. Public procurement is at the heart...

  • New VAT rules for broadcasting, telecomms and electronic services

    New VAT rules for broadcasting, telecomms and electronic services

    January 1, 2015 will mark the entry into force of changes to the taxation of telecommunications services, radio and broadcasting (“broadcasting”) services and electronically supplied services across the European Union. This change, which will...

  • Stress and distress in public life

    Stress and distress in public life

    The media is obsessed with focusing on the public lives of people who we all know and sometimes envy for the glamour that seems to surround their lives. But there is another side to being a public figure – a side that is often hidden from public...

  • All gas and waiting

    All gas and waiting

    So far the Government is on track with its major commitment in the electoral programme. That was to revolutionise the energy generation process and lay the groundwork for tariffs to be substantially reduced. Never-on-Sunday was discarded and last...

  • Overcoming the language barrier

    Overcoming the language barrier

    Discriminating between employees or prospective employees on the basis of nationality as regards access to employment, remuneration and other conditions of work is illegal in terms of EU law. Such discrimination may take various forms and could be...

  • Being brave in the new world

    Being brave in the new world

    Not surprisingly, most respondents to the recent EY survey – “Business Pulse: Exploring the dual perspectives on the top 10 risks and opportunities in 2013 and beyond” – believe that revenues need boosting. Yet rather than wait for mature markets...

  • Economic recovery: it’s all about the money

    There are a number of funding options underway in the EU which will play a major role in its economic recovery. The main initiative will derive from the EU Budget itself. The European Council and the European Parliament have agreed on the...