• Investing in mental health in the workplace

    Investing in mental health in the workplace

    One of the most prominent faces in Tony Blair’s team in the period when he was prime minister was his communications director Alastair Campbell. Few people realised that at the time Campbell was struggling with depression. Leaving his high-profile...

  • Spring for the economy?

    It is little wonder that the Prime Minister immediately welcomed the European Commission’s spring economic forecast for Malta on Monday. The report endorsed the data on economic performance during 2013 and the official forecast for the current year.

  • Product safety guaranteed

    Product safety guaranteed

    The European Parliament is all out for ensuring that products placed on the market are safe for consumer use and that the market is carefully monitored for dangerous products. With the recent vote by Parliament, the revised EU rules on product...

  • Towards a crowdfunding regulatory framework

    Towards a crowdfunding regulatory framework

    In 2009, Palmer Luckey was a sunny 16-year-old Californian boy with a thing for virtual reality headsets. He was a keen collector of these quirky, unfashionable gizmos, but never found one that quite matched his expectations. So he started making...

  • New regulatory regime for Company Service Providers – 2

    New regulatory regime for Company Service Providers – 2

    The Company Service Providers Act 2013 came into force on December 24, 2013. It imposed for the first time on corporate or company service providers (CSPs) an obligation to register with the Malta Financial Services Authority. On March 21, MFSA...

  • The need for constant innovation

    The need for constant innovation

    In business there generally are two types of innovation: incremental innovation and radical innovation. The latter tends to disrupt the business internally, the industry it competes in (if not several other industries too) and customers’ lives. In...

  • When strategy plays second fiddle

    When strategy plays second fiddle

    The management function of defining and executing strategy is arguably the most difficult task for leaders of businesses as well as government. Yet this function is the heart and soul of managing any organisation. In business, strategy enables...

  • Tackling capital spending inefficiencies

    Tackling capital spending inefficiencies

    Public spending is a hard act to carry out, especially on the capital side. Such discretionary capital spend­ing has an important macro-economic role through its impact on the performance of the economy. Public investment is also of key importance...

  • Data retention rules are struck down

    In a recent landmark judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the Data Retention Directive was declared invalid. This judgment was triggered by two separate requests made by the Irish High Court and the Austrian...

  • EU membership at 10

    EU membership at 10

    Today Malta celebrates its 10th anniversary since it joined the European Union. EU membership has been the most important economic decision taken in recent decades. This historic move offered the opportunity to lock in permanently a...

  • Dealing with the skills mismatch

    Dealing with the skills mismatch

    The race to improve educational standards is ongoing in most EU countries. Ireland is keen to improve its competitiveness by investing in more technology in schools. In the UK there is growing awareness of the need to go back to basics by raising...

  • Interest rates and bank profits

    The Central Bank is one of the most important insitu­tions in the land, and that of governor one of the highest positions. Charged with setting monetary policy, alongside the Ministry of Finance, the bank held strong sway over the banking system.

  • Access to a bank account guaranteed

    Access to a bank account guaranteed

    All EU citizens, irrespective of their place of residence or nationality, are being guaranteed the right to open a basic bank account. The payment accounts package, as recently approved by the European Parliament, also ensures that fees and rules...

  • GRTU in defence of cheaper financing for small businesses

    GRTU in defence of cheaper financing for small businesses

    The GRTU has been arguing for years that the local banks impose exorbitant charges and interest rates. This was confirmed by the governor of the Central Bank himself just two weeks ago, when he emphasised that lending rates in Malta are among the...

  • Power, prestige and status in business life

    Power, prestige and status in business life

    As children we all loved the Hans Christian Andersen tale entitled The Emperor’s New Clothes. This tale tells how the Emperor, tricked by two swindlers, pretended to see what wasn’t there because he was afraid that his prestige would be shuttered...

  • Blowing the whistle on ‘financial fair play’

    Blowing the whistle on ‘financial fair play’

    It is a common practice for football clubs to pay lucrative wages to the best players to secure the higher places in football competitions. Amid trends of heavy spending by a number of a professional football clubs across Europe, the Union of...

  • Economics of unemployment

    Economics of unemployment

    Unemployment figures often make headlines. Indeed this is an economic indicator frequently quoted in the financial and political press. Quite often the same figures are seen as exceptionally positive or particularly negative, depending on the...

  • The dangers of rising populism in European politics

    The dangers of rising populism in European politics

    The coming European Parliament elections are likely to result in a strong performance by populist parties throughout the EU. Populism has been defined as a “political philosophy which focuses on standing up for the rights and positions of the...

  • Reshuffles and the economy

    Reshuffles and the economy

    The restructuring of the team of ministers and parliamentary secretaries was bound to reflect on the managment of the Maltese economy. The whole team relates to it, some members more so than others, some directly and the rest indirectly. The...

  • Compensating victims of anti-competitive conduct

    An EU law which will facilitate the filing of claims for damages by victims of anti-competitive conduct is well on its way to seeing the light of day. With an informal agreement recently reached between Council of Ministers and European Parliament...